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The Elder Scrolls Online: Crafting Stations

Crafting Stations by Faction Aldmeri Dominion Set Name Traits Needed Zone Crafting Site Ashen Grip 2 Auridon Beacon Falls Death’s Wind 2 Eastshore Islets Camp Night’s Silence 2 Hightide Keep Armor of the Seducer 3 Grahtwood Temple of the Eight

The Elder Scrolls Online: Fishing Maps – Neutral

Neutral Coldharbour – Fishing Holes Coldharbour Angler Catch all 12 rare fish in Coldharbour. Points: 5 Coldharbour – Rare Fish Foul Stingerpike Heinous Gar Ghoulfish Moray Leech Fang Shark Plasm Darter Blue Slimefish Bichir Venomfish Azure Eel Harbour Gar Cavefish

The Elder Scrolls Online: Fishing Maps

Fishing Maps by Faction Fishing is one of several activities available in Elder Scrolls Online. It requires bait and a fishing hole. Bait can be gathered from various creatures around the world, such as beetles, rats, and butterflies as well