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The Elder Scrolls Online: Wrothgar – Skill Point Quests

The Wrothgar Mountains have been home to northern Tamriel’s Orcs since the beginning of recorded history. Invading armies have marched into these peaks countless times to suppress the fractious Orcs, but the clans always rise again. Wrothgar is a region

The Elder Scrolls Online: Quests – Mages Guild – The Mad God’s Bargain

The Mad God’s Bargain Quest Giver: Valaste at one of the below Guildhalls; Arch-Mage Shalidor at any other Location(s): Aldmeri Dominion – Rawl’kha (Reaper’s March); Daggerfall Covenant – Evermore (Bangkorai); Ebonheart Pact – Riften (The Rift); Eyevea Reward: Folium Discognitum

The Elder Scrolls Online: Aldmeri Dominion Side Quests – Malabal Tor – Xylo River Basin: Buyer Beware

The Xylo River Basin is the southern region of Malabal Tor. It contains the towns of Vulkwasten, Tanglehaven and Bloodtoil Valley. The southern region is mostly dominated by various ruins, surrounding the Xylo River Basin Dolmen on the river north

The Elder Scrolls Online: Daggerfall Covenant – Skill Point Quests – Bangkorai – Fallen Wastes

The Fallen Wastes, also known as just Southern Bangkorai, are the lands south of Bangkorai Pass. They include the city of Hallin’s Stand in the west, and the Nilata Ruins to the north. The eastern portion is more sparsely occupied,