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The Elder Scrolls Online: Provisioning – Special Recipes

While these dishes all fall under the “Delicacies” section on the Provisioning menus, they may be of variable item quality. These items are all equally effective regardless of your level. See also: Food Recipes, Beverage Recipes Food Recipes   Name

The Elder Scrolls Online: Provisioning – Beverage Recipes

There are 277 Beverage Recipes to be collected, including 127 Standard recipes, 113 Difficult recipes, 33 Complex recipes, and 4 Legendary recipe. See also: Food Recipes, Special Recipes   Increase Attribute Recovery Value by Ingredients     Name RI RQ

The Elder Scrolls Online: Recipes

There are 486 Recipes to be collected in total: 243 food recipes and 243 beverage recipes, including 234 Standard recipes, 198 Difficult recipes, and 54 Complex recipes. Learning a recipe will remove it from your inventory, but in exchange, you