NEON Grind: Gaming Community

NEON Grind: Gaming Community

NEON Grind: Gaming Community The Elder Scrolls Online division.

Strong Leadership
Experienced and dedicated leadership team is here to serve YOU. Not the other way around.

Decisions are always vetted with the guild as a whole and the leadership operates as a team. There are no dictators here.

Active Community
A strong community with constant interaction by members from all over the globe.

Day, night, rain, snow, sleet, meteor shower… NEON has members online nearly 24/7. Stop by our forums to see for yourself.

Judgement Free
Uniquely peaceful co-existence between casual & core members allows us to do things that hardcore guilds do but without all the stress.

Gaming is meant to be fun, not a second job. We know what’s important and take real life responsibility seriously.

Want to Join the Dark Brotherhood? Follow the link to our online recruitment form and let us know if you would like to become a member of NEON Grind.

Come join us in our Discord Server.

If you do not have Discord App installed, here is a link for the download: Download Discord Here

To run Discord while playing games, you will need to set up Discord to “Run as administrator”. Here is a tutorial on how to makes these changes.

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