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The Elder Scrolls Online: Gems

Blacksmithing Materials There are 18 gems used for crafting, 9 are used for weapons and 9 are used for armour. Though some traits are the same for weapons and armour, the gems used are different. Armor Traits Trait Gem Trait

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tempers

Blacksmithing Materials Temper Effect Honing Stone Improve quality from Normal to Fine. Dwarven Oil Improve quality from Fine to Superior. Grain Solvent Improve quality from Superior to Epic. Tempering Alloy Improve quality from Epic to Legendary. If you are looking

The Elder Scrolls Online: Ingots

Blacksmithing Materials Ingot Craft Into Iron Ingot Iron Armor and Weapons (Level 1 – 14) Steel Ingot Steel Armor and Weapons (Level 16 – 24) Orichalcum Ingot Orichalc Armor and Weapons (Level 26 – 34) Dwarven Ingot Dwarven Armor and

The Elder Scrolls Online: Rubedite Ore

Blacksmithing Materials Rubedite Ore is a dark red ore found in Wrothgar and Cyrodiil. When mined, a node yields three to four samples of the raw material, Rubedite Ore. Once ten ore samples are collected, they can be refined into