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The Elder Scrolls Online: Trials – Craglorn – Hel Ra Citadel

Hel Ra Citadel When the warriors of the Ra Gada came to the shores of Hammerfell, some of the fiercest cohorts marched far inland in search of domains to claim. Hel Ra was one of the easternmost of these domains,

The Elder Scrolls Online: Trials – Craglorn – Aetherian Archive

Aetherian Archive For untold ages this tower has loomed over Elinhir, its portals mystically sealed, all entry forbidden. Someone exerted immense effort to place impenetrable wards on this place—but now those wards are sundered. The Aetherian Archive is a tower

The Elder Scrolls Online: Trials

Trials by Location There are 3 Trials Dungeons, located in the Lower and Upper Craglorn zone, and 1 Trials Dungeon, located in Hew’s Bane. They are designed for groups of 12, and each has a leaderboard. Craglorn Zone Dungeon Min