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The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Shadows of the Hist

Shadows of the Hist is a dungeon pack DLC which introduces two Argonian-themed group dungeons. Shadows of the Hist Zone Dungeon Normal Veteran Shadowfen Cradle of Shadows 10 – Champion 160 50 – Champion 160 Ruins of Mazzatun If you

The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Coldharbour – Vaults of Madness

Dungeon Guides The Vaults of Madness are the masterpiece of the infamous Mad Architect, who is said to be one of the few entities ever to serve multiple Daedric Princes and profit from it. How he is paid for his

The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Bangkorai – Blackheart Haven

Dungeon Guides The Bjoulsae River, where it widens as it enters the Iliac Bay, flows past dozens of small islands that have long served as refuges for smugglers and sea raiders. The most notorious of these hideouts is Blackheart Haven.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Alik’r Desert – Volenfell

Dungeon Guides The ancient Dwarven city of Volenfell was long lost to the sands of the Alik’r Desert. But its ruins have recently been discovered, prompting a race between scholars and treasure-hunters to be the first to search its storied

The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Glenumbra – Spindleclutch

Dungeon Guides The Ayleid ruins of Dwynnarth that grin down from the bluffs above Hag Fen were plundered and emptied out generations ago. But it seems there are forgotten mine tunnels beneath the lowest levels of Dwynnarth that might not

The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Reaper’s March – Selene’s Web

Dungeon Guides Even by the standards of Malabal Tor, something is not right about the growth of the forest in this vicinity. It doesn’t seem unhealthy—on the contrary, it seems vigorous, but in an unwholesome way. Selene’s Web is a