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The Elder Scrolls Online: DLC – Fishing Achievements

Achievement Points Description Imperial City Imperial City Angler 5 Catch all 12 rare fish in the Imperial City. Wrothgar Master Angler 5 Catch all 12 rare fish in Wrothgar. Hooking Wrothgar’s Biggest Catch 10 Catch the rare Crab-Slaughter-Crane fish found

The Elder Scrolls Online: Fishing Maps – Ebonheart Pact

Ebonheart Pact Ebonheart Pact – Fishing Holes Bleakrock Angler Catch a rare Inner Sea Scalyfin fish in Bleakrock. Points: 5 Bleakrock Isle – Rare Fish Ocean Inner Sea Scalyfin Stonefalls Angler Catch all 12 rare fish in Stonefalls. Points: 5

The Elder Scrolls Online: Fishing Maps – Daggerfall Covenant

Daggerfall Covenant Daggerfall Covenant – Fishing Holes Stros M’Kai Angler Catch a rare Eltheric Grouper in Stros M’Kai. Points: 5 Stros M’Kai – Rare Fish Ocean Eltheric Grouper Glenumbra Angler Catch all 12 rare fish in Glenumbra. Points: 5 Glenumbra

The Elder Scrolls Online: Achievements

In video gaming parlance, an achievement, also sometimes known as a trophy, badge, award, stamp, medal or challenge, is a meta-goal defined outside of a game’s parameters. Unlike the systems of quests or levels that usually define the goals of

The Elder Scrolls Online: Fishing Achievements

Fishing Achievements by Faction A Guide to Fishing Tamriel by “The Old Slaughterfish” Ah, fishing, my son. After a hard week of farming, or a long night of being nagged by your wife, there is nothing better than going out

The Elder Scrolls Online: Master Fisher – Fishing Guide

Fishing is an activity in The Elder Scrolls Online which can be performed at fishing holes found all over Tamriel. Players are automatically given a starter fishing pole which does not show up in the player’s inventory. Players only have