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The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Summerset

Cloudrest is a city found on the mountain of Eton Nir in Summerset. It serves as the home base for the Welkynar Gryphon Knights and their Aerie, and due to an unforeseen catastrophe, the Divine Prosecution has been forced to

The Elder Scrolls Online: Racial Skills – Imperial

Imperial (Cyrodiils) Also known as Cyrodiils, Cyrodilics, Cyro-Nordics and Imperial Cyrods, the well-educated and well-spoken Imperials are the natives of the civilized, cosmopolitan province of Cyrodiil. Imperials are also known for the discipline and training of their citizen armies, and

The Elder Scrolls Online: Racial Skills

Racial Skills All playable races have an associated skill line that complements their lore, such as the Dunmer proficiency with fire based magicka. The skill lines also give a bonus to one weapon or armor type which also complements their

The Elder Scrolls Online: Crafting Stations – Augury Basin – Nocturnal’s Favor

Augury Basin is a crafting site hidden in the hills west of the Illumination Academy for crafting the Nocturnal’s Favor set. Nocturnal’s Favor – 9 Traits 2 Items: Adds 129 Stamina Recovery. 3 Items: Adds 1206 Maximum Health. 4 Items:

The Elder Scrolls Online: Crafting Stations – Artaeum Craftworks – Sload’s Semblance

Artaeum Craftworks is a crafting site east of Artaeum, near College of Psijic Ruins, for crafting the Sload’s Semblance set. Sload’s Semblance – 6 Traits 2 Items: Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka. 3 Items: Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina. 4 Items: Adds

The Elder Scrolls Online: Crafting Stations – Shimmerene Dockworks – Adept Rider

The Shimmerene Dockworks is a crafting site on the western docks in the town of Shimmerene for crafting the Adept Rider set. Adept Rider – 3 Traits 2 Items: Adds 2975 Spell Resistance. 3 Items: Adds 2975 Physical Resistance. 4

The Elder Scrolls Online: Item Sets – Unique Items

Unique Items Dungeons Unique Items Unique items can be found throughout the world and are often rewarded for completing quests and defeating powerful enemies. Unlike most other items which are randomly generated, these unique items will only drop from specific

The Elder Scrolls Online: Crafting Stations – Randas Ancestral Tomb – Daedric Trickery

Randas Ancestral Tomb is a tomb in western Vvardenfell, northwest of Ularra. The tomb is home to a special crafting site, where you may craft items in the Daedric Trickery set. Daedric Trickery – 8 Traits 2 Items: Adds 1206