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The Elder Scrolls Online: Coldharbour Achievements

Coldharbour Achievement Points Description Reward Guardian of the Great Mage 5 Rescue the Great Mage, Vanus Galerion, and help him destroy Molag Bal’s Great Shackle. Light of the Ayleid King 5 Rescue the last Ayleid King, Laloriaran Dynar, from the

The Elder Scrolls Online: Quests Achievements

Quests Achievements General Achievement Points Description Reward Quester 5 Complete 50 Quests. Quester Yellow Explorer 10 Complete 100 Quests. Explorer Green Adventurer 15 Complete 250 Quests. Adventurer Brown Master Adventurer 15 Complete 500 Quests. Master Adventurer Purple Indomitable Adventurer 15

The Elder Scrolls Online: Coldharbour – The Vile Laboratory

Many Tamrielic structures in Coldharbour appear to have been stolen directly from Nirn. But the Daedra, though not creative, are great imitators, so some locations may merely be uncannily exact replicas. The Vile Laboratory is a Dwemer ruin in southern

The Elder Scrolls Online: Coldharbour – Tower of Lies

The Tower of Lies is a mine in central Coldharbour, northwest of the Hollow City. Tower of Lies Truth, Lies, and Prisoners Tower of Lies Truth, Lies, and Prisoners Quest Giver: Gwilir or Skordo the Knife Location(s): Tower of Lies

The Elder Scrolls Online: Coldharbour – The Lightless Oubliette

Coldharbour is a series of prisons within prisons. The Lightless Oubliette was specifically built to hold entities who can manipulate light to magical ends. The wardens of the Oubliette are careful to use only lights of the colder spectra, as

The Elder Scrolls Online: Coldharbour – Library of Dusk

In the mortal realms, libraries are known as places of learning and scholarship, where those who seek truth may be able to find it. A library in Coldharbour is a place of indoctrination, where one will find only the truth

The Elder Scrolls Online: Coldharbour – Haj Uxith

The souls of Argonians are different from those of other races of Tamriel due to their deep, mystical connection to the Hist trees. Sorcerers who specialize in soul trapping have long sought some way to take advantage of this difference.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Achievements – Meridia’s Lightbearer

Meridia’s Lightbearer is awarded for discovering all 5 of the Lights of Meridia in Coldharbour. Meridia’s Lightbearer Achievement The Lights can be found in the following locations: Library of Dusk – found at the conclusion of The Library of Dusk