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Unlock the Secrets – How to Become a Vampire in Elder Scrolls Online

How To Become A Vampire On Elder Scrolls Online
Becoming a vampire in Elder Scrolls Online can be achieved through three main methods. The first method is to be bitten by a Bloodfiend at night. Bloodfiends are vampire NPCs that spawn in specific locations in the game world, and they have a chance to infect players with vampirism when they attack. It’s important to note that Bloodfiends only appear at night, so players seeking to become vampires through this method should be prepared to venture out after dark.

The second method of becoming a vampire is to be bitten by another player who is already a vampire. This player-to-player transmission of vampirism can occur when a vampire player uses their special bite ability on another player character. This method requires finding a willing vampire player who is willing to infect others, and it’s often facilitated through player interactions and social connections within the game.

The third method, and the one that is not recommended due to its cost, is to purchase the vampire curse from the Crown Store. This method involves spending 1500 crowns, the in-game currency that can be purchased with real money, to acquire the vampire curse. However, it’s worth noting that vampirism can be acquired for free through the other two methods, making the Crown Store option less favorable for many players.

It’s important to consider the pros and cons of becoming a vampire in Elder Scrolls Online. Some benefits of vampirism include:

  • Increased stamina and magicka recovery
  • Enhanced sneaking and movement speed at night
  • Access to unique vampire abilities and skills

However, there are also drawbacks to being a vampire, such as:

  • Increased vulnerability to fire damage
  • Reduced health regeneration in sunlight
  • Negative effects on the character’s appearance
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Ultimately, the decision to become a vampire in Elder Scrolls Online depends on the player’s preferences and playstyle. Whether through encountering Bloodfiends, seeking out other vampire players, or purchasing the curse from the Crown Store, players have multiple paths to embrace the vampiric powers within the game.

Initiating the Vampire Quest in ESO – A Step-by-Step Guide

To start the quest, head to the nearest Wayshrine, where you will meet a Vampire NPC named Vorundil.

Upon meeting Vorundil, he will offer you the quest “Scion of the Blood Matron.” This quest is the next step in your journey to become a full-fledged Vampire in ESO. Vorundil will guide you through the process of embracing your new vampiric nature and gaining the powers and abilities that come with it.

During the quest, you will be tasked with proving your worthiness to the Blood Matron, the progenitor of your vampiric line. This will involve completing a series of challenges and trials that test your strength, cunning, and willingness to fully embrace the powers of the night.

As you progress through the quest, you will delve deeper into the lore and history of Vampirism in Tamriel, learning about the Blood Matron and the significance of her blessing. This quest provides a rich and immersive experience that adds depth to your character’s transformation into a Vampire.

Completing the “Scion of the Blood Matron” quest is a pivotal moment in your journey to become a Vampire in ESO. It marks the culmination of your transformation and grants you access to powerful Vampire abilities and passives that will enhance your gameplay experience.

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Once you have successfully completed the quest, you will have fully embraced your Vampiric nature and gained access to a range of unique skills and abilities that set you apart from other characters in the game. These abilities include powerful vampiric attacks, enhanced movement and stealth capabilities, and the ability to drain the life force of your enemies.

Overall, the “Scion of the Blood Matron” quest is an essential part of the Vampire experience in ESO, providing a compelling narrative and exciting gameplay opportunities for those who seek to walk the path of the Vampire.

Exploring the Vampire Questline in ESO

If you have contracted Vampirism in The Elder Scrolls Online, you will need to complete the quest “Scion of the Blood Matron.” This quest is essential for those who have been infected with Vampirism and serves as the initiation into the Vampire skill line. Upon contracting Vampirism, you will need to seek out Vorundil, who can be found in Rawl’kha (Reaper’s March), Evermore (Bangkorai), or Riften (The Rift), depending on your alliance.

To progress with the quest, you will need to speak to Vorundil and follow his instructions. He will guide you through the process of embracing your new vampiric nature and provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to control and utilize your newfound powers. It’s important to pay attention to the details and dialogue during the quest, as it will provide valuable information about the nature of Vampirism and how to manage its effects.

Completing the “Scion of the Blood Matron” quest will grant you access to the Vampire skill line, allowing you to unlock and utilize various vampiric abilities and passives. These abilities can enhance your gameplay experience and provide unique advantages in combat and exploration. Embracing Vampirism also comes with its own set of weaknesses and strengths, so it’s important to consider the implications of becoming a vampire in the game.

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Once you have completed the quest and gained access to the Vampire skill line, you can further develop your vampiric abilities by earning experience and skill points to unlock and improve specific vampire abilities and passives. This will allow you to tailor your character’s vampiric powers to suit your playstyle and preferences, enhancing your overall gameplay experience in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Ideal Vampire Race in ESO

As a Vampire in the game, you take extra damage from fire. Choosing a Dark Elf (Dunmer) character can be beneficial as they have increased fire resistance. This racial trait can help reduce the extra damage taken from fire as a Vampire, making the Dark Elf a good choice for players looking to mitigate this weakness.

In addition to their fire resistance, Dark Elves also have bonuses to skills such as Destruction and Alchemy, which can further enhance their ability to combat fire-based attacks and create powerful potions to aid in their survival. This combination of racial traits makes the Dark Elf a strong choice for players seeking to minimize the vulnerabilities associated with being a Vampire in the game.