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Unlock the Ultimate Guide to Obtaining Crown Gems in Elder Scrolls Online

How To Get Crown Gems Elder Scrolls Online
Crown Gems are a special currency in The Elder Scrolls Online that can be acquired through Crown Crates. When you receive an item from a Crown Crate that you already own, you will be awarded Crown Gems in return. These gems can then be used to purchase other items from the Crown Store, including exclusive mounts, pets, costumes, and more.

It’s important to note that the number of Crown Gems you receive for an item is based on its rarity. Common items will yield fewer Crown Gems, while rare and legendary items will provide a higher amount. This means that duplicates of more valuable items will grant a larger number of Crown Gems, allowing you to save up for premium rewards.

Players can view their collection of Crown Gems in the Crown Crates menu under the “Gems” tab. This allows for easy tracking of the total number of gems accumulated and provides a convenient way to browse the available items that can be purchased using Crown Gems.

Some players may choose to strategically save their Crown Gems for limited-time offerings or special promotions in the Crown Store. This approach allows them to acquire highly sought-after items without having to rely solely on chance when opening Crown Crates. Additionally, the ability to convert unwanted duplicate items into Crown Gems provides a degree of control over the rewards obtained from Crown Crates.

Navigating to the Crown Store in Elder Scrolls Online

Players can press the “P” key to open the Crown Store while in game. From there, they can browse the Crown Store categories and preview and buy new items.

Players can access the Crown Store by pressing the “P” key while in the game. This action opens the Crown Store interface, allowing players to explore various categories of items available for purchase. The Crown Store offers a wide range of items, including costumes, mounts, pets, and consumables, among others.

Categories in the Crown Store include:

  • Clothing
  • Mounts
  • Pets
  • Homes
  • Utility Items
  • And more

Players can preview items in the Crown Store before making a purchase. This feature allows them to see how a particular costume, mount, or pet will look on their character or in their collection before committing to buy it. The preview option helps players make informed decisions about their purchases.

Buying items in the Crown Store:

  • Players can use the in-game currency, known as Crowns, to buy items from the Crown Store.
  • Crowns can be obtained through various means, including purchasing them with real money or earning them as rewards through in-game activities.
  • Once a player has enough Crowns, they can use them to purchase the desired items directly from the Crown Store interface.
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The Crown Store also features regular updates and new additions, providing players with fresh and exciting options to enhance their gameplay experience. By regularly checking the Crown Store, players can stay informed about the latest offerings and additions to the game’s marketplace.

How to Obtain Crown Gems in ESO

The easiest and cheapest way to obtain crown gems is by maximizing the number of crown crates you open and extracting gems from duplicate or unwanted items. Here’s a detailed approach to achieve this:

1. Purchase Crown Crates: To start, you’ll need to buy sets of crown crates. Each set typically contains 16 crates and costs 5000 crowns. To accumulate a substantial number of crown gems, you may need to purchase multiple sets.

2. Open the Crates: Once you have the crates, open them to reveal the items inside. Keep an eye out for duplicate items or those that you don’t need. These are the items from which you’ll extract crown gems.

3. Extract Gems: After identifying duplicate or unwanted items, navigate to the Crown Crates menu and select the option to extract gems from these items. This process will convert the items into crown gems, which can then be used to purchase desired items from the Crown Store.

4. Repeat the Process: To maximize the number of crown gems obtained, it’s essential to repeat the cycle of purchasing crates, opening them, and extracting gems from unwanted items. This iterative approach will gradually build up your crown gem collection.

5. Consider Special Events: Keep an eye out for special events or promotions that offer bonus crown crates or increased chances of obtaining rare items. Participating in these events can potentially enhance the efficiency of your crown gem acquisition.

6. Patience and Persistence: Acquiring a significant number of crown gems through crate openings and gem extraction requires patience and persistence. It’s a gradual process, but by consistently following this method, you can steadily accumulate the crown gems needed for desired items from the Crown Store.

By strategically managing your crown crate purchases, extracting gems from duplicate items, and staying informed about potential bonus events, you can optimize the process of obtaining crown gems while minimizing the associated costs.

Life Hack: Keep an eye out for special promotions or events in the game that offer bonus Crown Gems for certain activities or purchases, as this can help you accumulate gems more quickly.

The Purpose of Crown Gems

Once you have Crown Gems, you can use them to purchase special items from the Crown Store. You can view your Crown Gem totals from the Crown Crates menu or from within the Crown Store.

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To access the Crown Gem totals, you can navigate to the Crown Crates menu or the Crown Store. From the Crown Crates menu, you can see the total number of Crown Gems you have available. Alternatively, you can also view your Crown Gem totals from within the Crown Store. This allows you to keep track of the number of Crown Gems you have and plan your purchases accordingly.

Certain items that you gain from leveling up share the same name with items you acquire from Crown Crates.

It’s important to note that certain items obtained from leveling up may have the same name as items acquired from Crown Crates. This can sometimes cause confusion, so it’s essential to pay attention to the source of the items when making purchases or using them in-game. Be mindful of the origin of the items to ensure you are using the ones you intended to.

Using Crown Gems to purchase special items from the Crown Store

Once you have accumulated Crown Gems, you can use them to acquire special items from the Crown Store. These items may include exclusive mounts, pets, costumes, and other unique collectibles. The Crown Store offers a variety of items that can be obtained using Crown Gems, allowing you to personalize your in-game experience with distinctive and sought-after items.

Managing your Crown Gem totals

It’s important to keep track of your Crown Gem totals to make informed decisions when browsing the Crown Store. By monitoring your Crown Gems, you can prioritize which items to acquire based on your preferences and the number of Crown Gems available to you. This ensures that you can make the most of your Crown Gems and obtain the items that align with your in-game goals and interests.

Utilizing Crown Gems for exclusive rewards

Crown Gems provide an opportunity to access exclusive rewards that may not be obtainable through other in-game means. This makes them a valuable currency for acquiring unique and limited-edition items from the Crown Store. Whether it’s a rare mount, a special costume, or a coveted pet, Crown Gems offer a pathway to obtaining these desirable rewards and enhancing your gameplay experience.

Understanding the value of Crown Gems

As you accumulate Crown Gems, it’s beneficial to understand the value of the items available in the Crown Store. This allows you to make informed choices about how to utilize your Crown Gems effectively. By considering the appeal and rarity of the items, you can make strategic decisions about which rewards to prioritize, ensuring that you make the most of your Crown Gems.

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Trading Crown Gems – What You Need to Know

In the crown crate menu, players have the option to convert items obtained from crates into gems. These gems are not a tradeable currency, meaning they cannot be exchanged between players. However, they can be used to purchase specific items from the crown store. Gems are exclusively obtained by converting unwanted crate items, and they cannot be acquired through any other means.

When a player receives an item from a crown crate that they do not wish to keep, they have the choice to convert it into gems. The amount of gems received for each item varies depending on its rarity and value. This allows players to clear their inventory of unwanted items and acquire gems that can be used to obtain items of their choosing from the crown store.

It’s important to note that gems are tied to the player’s account and cannot be transferred or traded to other players. This means that the decision to convert items into gems is a personal one, and the gems obtained can only be used by the player who converted the items. The conversion of items into gems provides players with a way to manage their inventory and acquire desired items from the crown store without the need for direct trading with other players.

In-game gold, on the other hand, can be used for gifting and trading items from the crown store. Players have the option to gift items in crowns to others in exchange for in-game gold, allowing for a form of player-to-player trading within the game. This creates a dynamic economy within the game, where players can exchange in-game currency for items they desire, fostering a sense of community and cooperation among players.

The Cost of Crowns in ESO

The table provides information on the rates of return for purchasing different amounts of in-game crowns using USD. The crowns per dollar ratio varies depending on the package purchased.

The first package offers 750 crowns for $7.99, resulting in a crowns per dollar ratio of 93.87. The second package provides 1500 crowns for $14.99, equating to a crowns per dollar ratio of 100.07. The third package offers 3000 crowns for $24.99, resulting in a crowns per dollar ratio of 120.05. Lastly, the fourth package provides 5500 crowns for $39.99, resulting in a crowns per dollar ratio of 137.53.

It is evident that as the amount of crowns purchased increases, the crowns per dollar ratio also increases. This means that purchasing larger packages provides better value in terms of the number of crowns received per dollar spent.