The Elder Scrolls Online: Cadwell’s Almanac

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Cadwell’s Almanac is a system which allows you to track your progress through the storylines of the two other alliances that were not chosen during character creation. The Almanac is unlocked as a new tab in the Journal menu upon completion of the Main Quest, and lists the location objectives required to complete the associated quests, Cadwell’s Silver and Cadwell’s Gold.

Following the One Tamriel update, the territories of the two other alliances can be visited as soon as you leave the tutorial area, by speaking to one of the Alliance Navigators located in major cities. Players are not separated by their alliance choice, meaning that in all zones you will run across members of all three alliances. Any progress you make in the storylines of the other two alliances will be carried over to the Almanac when it becomes available at the end of the Main Quest.

Note that the objectives and quests that make up the Almanac are the major parts of the alliances’ storylines, and are only a subset of all the available quests in the Alliance Zones; to experience the alliances in full, you may like to check out the list of Quests by Location.

Cadwell’s Almanac

Cadwell's SilverSilver
The Silver tab lists the objectives needed to complete Cadwell’s Silver. The alliance you experience first depends on your original faction allegiance:

Aldmeri Dominion Aldmeri Dominion members will experience the Ebonheart Pact.
Daggerfall Covenant Daggerfall Covenant members will explore the Aldmeri Dominion.
Ebonheart Pact Ebonheart Pact members will travel through the Daggerfall Covenant.

Cadwell's GoldGold
The Gold tab lists the objectives needed to complete Cadwell’s Gold, which becomes available upon completion of Cadwell’s Silver.

Aldmeri Dominion Aldmeri Dominion members will travel through the Covenant.
Daggerfall Covenant Daggerfall Covenant members will explore the Pact.
Ebonheart Pact Ebonheart Pact members will experience the Dominion.

Cadwell's Almanac Quests with this marker are required for Cadwell’s Almanac.
Aldmeri Dominion
The following is the list of quests required for completion of Cadwell’s Almanac in the Aldmeri Dominion. For all quests in this territory, please see Quests by Location: Aldmeri Dominion.

Vulkhel Guard
Reliquary of Stars
Falinesti Winter Site
Elden Root
Seaside Sanctuary
Dread Vullain
Verrant Morass
Driladan Pass
Malabal Tor
Velyn Harbor
Reaper’s March
Fort Grimwatch
Two Moons Path

Daggerfall Covenant
The following is the list of quests required for completion of Cadwell’s Almanac in the Daggerfall Covenant. For all quests in this territory, please see Quests by Location: Daggerfall Covenant.

Beldama Wyrd Tree
Lion Guard Redoubt
Cath Bedraud
Alcaire Castle
Firebrand Keep
Pariah Abbey
At-Tura Estate
Shinji’s Scarp
Ravenwatch Castle
Camp Tamrith
Lorkrata Hills
The Doomcrag
Alik’r Desert
Tu’whacca’s Throne
Tava’s Blessing
Motalion Necropolis
Jackdaw Cove
Bangkorai Garrison
Hall of Heroes

Ebonheart Pact
The following is the list of quests required for completion of Cadwell’s Almanac in the Ebonheart Pact. For all quests in this territory, please see Quests by Location: Ebonheart Pact.

Davon’s Watch
  • Cadwell's Almanac Wake the Dead
  • Cadwell's Almanac Rending Flames
Ash Mountain
  • Cadwell's Almanac Restoring the Guardians
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Death of Balreth
Vivec’s Antlers
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Coral Heart
Fort Virak
  • Cadwell's Almanac Breaking Fort Virak
  • Cadwell's Almanac Evening the Odds
  • Cadwell's Almanac The General’s Demise
  • Cadwell's Almanac Aggressive Negotiations
  • Cadwell's Almanac Saving the Son
Tormented Spire
  • Cadwell's Almanac Climbing the Spire
  • Cadwell's Almanac Opening the Portal
  • Cadwell's Almanac Sadal’s Final Defeat
Obsidian Gorge
  • Cadwell's Almanac Death Trap
  • Cadwell's Almanac Payback
  • Cadwell's Almanac Plague Bringer
  • Cadwell's Almanac A Favor Returned
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Mournhold Underground
Tribunal Temple
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Seal of Three
Shrine of Saint Veloth
  • Cadwell's Almanac A Saint Asunder
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Wounds in the World
Eidolon’s Hollow
  • Cadwell's Almanac Into the Mouth of Madness
  • Cadwell's Almanac Motive for Heresy
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Judgment of Veloth
  • Cadwell's Almanac Three Tender Souls
  • Cadwell's Almanac Getting to the Truth
  • Cadwell's Almanac Trail of the Skin-Stealer
Hatching Pools
  • Cadwell's Almanac Outside Interference
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Dominion’s Alchemist
  • Cadwell's AlmanacSolo Dungeon The Dream of the Hist
  • Cadwell's Almanac Shadows Over Windhelm
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Konunleikar
  • Cadwell's Almanac Windhelm’s Champion
  • Cadwell's Almanac One Victor, One King
  • Cadwell's Almanac Strange Allies
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Siege of Cradlecrush
Fort Amol
  • Cadwell's Almanac Sleeping on the Job
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Pride of a Prince
  • Cadwell's Almanac The War Council
  • Cadwell's Almanac A Right to Live
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Better of Two Evils
  • Cadwell's Almanac Eternal Slumber
  • Cadwell's Almanac Gods Save the King
Jorunn’s Stand
  • Cadwell's Almanac Making Amends
  • Cadwell's Almanac A Council of Thanes
  • Cadwell's Almanac Snow and Flame
  • Cadwell's Almanac Songs of Sovngarde
The Rift
Vernim Woods
  • Cadwell's Almanac Dangerous Union
  • Cadwell's Almanac Gift of the Worm
  • Cadwell's Almanac Through the Shroud
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Shackled Guardian
Pinepeak Cavern
  • Cadwell's Almanac Tomb Beneath the Mountain
Honrich Tower
  • Cadwell's Almanac Shattered Hopes
  • Cadwell's Almanac Securing the Pass
  • Cadwell's Almanac Worm Cult Summoner
  • Cadwell's Almanac Stomping Sinmur

Prior to One Tamriel, Cadwell’s Almanac put players in Veteran-scaled versions of the other alliances’ territories, and only with members of their own alliance; cross-faction play was not possible. If you hadn’t completed the Main Quest, these “Veteran Alliance Zones” were unlocked once you reached Level 50.

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