The Elder Scrolls Online: Currency

CurrencyGold Crowns Crown GemsAlliance Points Tel Var Stones Transmutation CrystalsWrit Vouchers

The Elder Scrolls Online has seven types of Currency:

  • Gold Gold — The main currency, used to pay for most services and trade with players
  • Crowns Crowns — A digital currency used to purchase premium items
  • Crown Gems Crown Gems — A currency tied to Crown Store loot crates
  • Alliance Points Alliance Points — Awarded for participation in the Alliance War
  • Tel Var Tel Var Stones — A token system used in the Imperial City
  • Transmutation Crystals Transmutation Crystals — A crystal used to change the traits of armour and weapons
  • Writ Voucher Writ Vouchers — Awarded for completing Master Writs and used to buy various Furnishings

Only Gold, Alliance Points, Tel Var Stones, and Writ Vouchers will show up in the Currency tab of your inventory. Crowns are account-wide and will only appear in the Crown Store tab (or on the official website when logged in). Crown Gems are treated as items by the UI when obtained, but will similarly only show up in the Crown Store.

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