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Normal Wayrest SewersVeteran Wayrest Sewers

Wayrest is justifiably proud of the commodious modern sewers that drain the city’s wastes into the Iliac Bay. But the curving conduits beneath the streets contain dark secrets unsuspected by those who walk in the light of day above.

Wayrest Sewers is a group dungeon found under the city of Wayrest in Stormhaven. When you enter the sewers in the normal version, Investigator Irnand will request that you find and kill a rogue necromancer and his conspirators before they take over Wayrest above.

In the veteran version, enemies you once thought dead have returned. Yahyif and Gederic Serre want you to find Master Pellingare, who has gone missing in the city sewers.

Normal Wayrest Sewers

Normal Enemies

  • Various kinds of Pellingare henchmen
  • Skeevers
  • Crocodiles
  • Mudcrabs

Normal Minibosses

Normal Bosses

Normal Wayrest Sewers

Normal Wayrest Sewers Guide
by: Tamriel Journal

– Slimecraw –
Slimecraw has a frontal cone tailswipe. It deals high physical damage and does a pretty big knockback. You do have enough time to get out of the cone, but not too much.

– Investigator Garron –
Garron likes to teleport around the room. Just keep track of him.
The main mechanic in this fight is the green orb Garron summons. It will start chasing after random players, dealing damage to anyone caught in its radius. If the orb is chasing you, run away, but make sure you don’t drag the orb through your group members.

Garron periodically summons two Restless Soul ghosts with 717 Health on the opposite sides of the room. The ghosts have ranged attacks, and they should be taken down asap.

Garron also has a highly damaging ranged knockback which seems to prefer distant targets.

– Uulgarg the Hungry –
The most dangerous ability Uulgarg has is his AOE fear ability. He’ll sometimes fear everyone for a few seconds. Whilst the fear on its own doesn’t do any damage, what follows up might be lethal.

Uulgarg has a nasty heavy melee attack, which deals a lot of damage unless blocked. He also likes to do it right after he has feared everyone. This could potentially kill the tank unless he has enough Stamina to break out of the fear and block the attack.

Uulgarg sometimes stops and does a whirlwind attack around him, dealing physical damage. The damage isn’t high, but there’s no reason to get hit by it.

– The Rat Whisperer –
The Rat Whisperer periodically casts a magic AOE damage spell at the tank, indicated with a red circle.

The boss shouts “Come to me my minions” as he summons a bunch of low Health skeevers to aid him.

The Rat Whisperer sometimes casts a cold damage root spell on the tank.

– Varaine Pellingare –
The tank needs to look out for Varaine’s heavy melee attack, and block it.

Varaine Pellingare periodically casts a quickly expanding AOE spell around him. It deals a lot of damage and briefly stuns anyone caught in it.

Varaine also does a frontal cone attack, seemingly to a random direction. He has a jump animation associated with the ability, but it’s still very tricky to avoid. Getting hit by the frontal cone attack will knock you down and deal medium physical damage.

– Allene Pellingare –
The tank needs to block Allene’s heavy melee attack.

From time to time Allene does a Teleport Strike to random targets, which deals a lot of damage and briefly snares the target.

Allene vanishes roughly every 25% of her Health to summon Fiendish Hallucinations. They are large bats with 562 Health. The number of bats summoned increases after each summon. Normally bats are immune to root effects, but for some reason these bats are not. A dragonknight with Dark Talons will completely destroy them.

After the last group of bats has been summoned, Allene should be at around 25% Health. Allene takes on a ghost form and seems to deal a bit more damage in the last phase.

Veteran Wayrest Sewers

Veteran Enemies

  • Various Pellingare henchmen archetypes
  • Various skeleton archetypes
  • Ghosts
  • Zombies
  • Wraiths
  • Bone Colossi

Veteran Minibosses

Veteran Bosses

Veteran Wayrest Sewers

Veteran Wayrest Sewers Guide
by: Deltias Gaming

– Malubeth the Scourger –
In this room there is a large Soul Harvester looking mob by an altar and there is another altar to the left and right.

Boss randomly targets a player and raises them from the ground and drains their life (blue/purple beams go to/from boss and target).
One teammate must run to the left altar, another goes to the right and interacts with a purple mist. Once both are broken, the player targeted by boss is freed (I suggest nominating who the two altar runners will be, and who the ‘back up’ runner is should one of them be targeted.

Healer must keep healing targeted player or they will die from health loss. If no one interacts with the altars, even if the player is kept healed, when the mechanic ends, the player will insta-die.

It is advisable at least one other player has a heal on one of their bars – in case the healer is targeted.

Blue Orbs are thrown at 2 players, these then form ground AOE which disappear very slowly.
Nothing complicated here, just try keep moving out of the AOEs. Ranged DPS is easier for this fight as it makes it simpler to stay away from the ground AOES.

If you are altar runners, do NOT stand by the altars throughout the fight as this will result in AOEs being planted there, you want to avoid this, so only run to and from the altar as required.

– Skull Reaper –
Spawns 3 skeletons throughout the fight, these heal the boss.
Easy fight, just AOE down the adds and boss together, when ads are dead focus boss.

AOE Cone attack from boss.
Tank should keep boss facing away from the team to ensure no one else gets hit by this. Tank can then easily sidestep this attack.

If attempting a speed run, be aware you do not need to kill this boss.

– Uulgarg the Risen –
Boss casts a Fear which effects everyone and while feared, players deposit fire ground AOEs as they run.
Keep an eye on your stamina – be sure you have enough to Break Free as soon as you are feared! Once you Break Free you stop dropping fire. If you take too long to Break Free, you will find yourselves quickly running out of safe standing space as the fire does not disappear.

Try stay spread out in this fight so that you do not cross paths into each others fire when feared.

360 Degree AOE whirlwind attack.
Hits very hard, but very easy to stay safe – just move out of the red AOE circle around the boss.

Slow Heavy attack.
Be ready to block otherwise this will be a killer. Tank be sure to keep aggro because this attack can easily kill squishy people even with block.

– Garron the Returned –
Ground AOEs thrown around.
These are easily avoided and do not specifically target players, so in many cases you won’t need to move. If you have fought a Lich before (at a Dolmen perhaps) then this will seem very familiar.

Spawns 4 Spectre adds.
Ignore boss and focus down these mobs as they hit hard with an icy spell which also snares (which can make avoiding AOEs tricky). Be sure to interrupt their powerful spell when you see the opportunity.

To help with the speed killing, can be worth the tank having a DPS bar for weapon swap to help take them down.

If you struggle with this phase, Silver Bolts may be helpful for you thanks to the stun. Evil Hunter may also be useful.

Boss teleports then does powerful drain attack.
Soon after the adds have spawned, the boss teleports (hopefully you have killed the adds by now!). As soon as he teleports you must all gather close to the healer who needs to heal like crazy to keep everyone alive. Back up heals from anyone else in the team is greatly appreciated by the healer, so help out!

– The Lost One –
Known as the boss of pointlessness, not even sure if this guy can even be classed as a miniboss, more like a glorified trash mob.

Boss has a bunch of adds with him. He has one special frontal wave attack which hits hard and can kill if not blocked.
DPS kill the adds. Tank be sure to aggro boss and turn it from the group so that the special attack doesn’t kill anyone not paying attention. I believe the attack can even be interrupted.

– Varaine Pellingare and Allene Pellingare –
One skeleton Archer and one Skeleton Swordsman. Frontal cone AOE and 360 degree AOE around swordsman.
Tank be sure to taunt both and then drag them close together for convenience. Keep bosses facing away from the team, that way DPS have little to worry about (except melee DPS who need to move from the 360 AOE).

Tank avoid the AOEs if you can, but otherwise just keep block up, they don’t hurt much. Interrupt Archer when he gears up for a special attack.

Absorb Shield around a boss when health drops approx. 15% lower than the other boss. Lasts around 20s.
Various ways to deal with this mechanic. Either split DPS on each boss and call out %. Or AOE them both as they should be close together. Or, just DPS one down, then when shield pops just switch to the other. AOE is actually my preference, but DPS splitting is probably smarter.

Bosses disappear, players are teleported into middle of room, giant bats spawn.
Get your block up, AOE down the bats, stay in the healers Springs. Simple as that.

If you want the achievement associated with this final boss (kill 15 zombies while fighting the boss) then you need to NOT kill the zombies in the small room prior to the final area! Instead you drag them with you into the final room and spawn the boss. You can then kill these zombies and then have a DPS go and pull the other 2 packs of zombies in the room.

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