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Hozzin’s Folly is a mine in west-central Bleakrock Isle. It is currently inhabited by Frostedge Bandits who are working on the orders of the Daggerfall Covenant. Deeper inside the mine is an ancient Nordic burial tomb hiding a dangerous secret.

A skyshard is located in the mining tunnels which make up the western part of the cave.

Bleakrock Isle: Hozzin's Folly

Bleakrock Isle: Hozzin's Folly

#2. Hozzin’s Folly
Zone: Bleakrock Isle
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Hozzin’s Folly — Uncover the raiders’ purpose at the mine.
Quest Giver: Sergeant Seyne
Location(s): Hozzin’s Folly
Previous Quest: A Beginning at Bleakrock
Next Quest: The Missing of Bleakrock
Concurrent Quest: The Frozen Man, What Waits Beneath
Reward: Seyne’s Bootknife of the Trainee + 106 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Sergeant Seyne near Hozzin’s Folly.
  2. Get a Frostedge Bandit disguise from a nearby corpse.
  3. Investigate the clues in the camp.
  4. Enter the mine.
  5. Find a way to the Oblivion pocket realm.
  6. Destroy the artifact.
  7. Talk to Seyne outside the mine.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Just outside Hozzin’s Folly you will meet up with Sergeant Seyne who has been observing the bandit activity at the mine. She is concerned that something suspicious is going on and wants you to go undercover and find out what the bandits are looking for.

To disguise yourself, pick up a Frostedge Bandit Disguise from the nearby bandit corpse. Equipping it will help you avoid combat against both the Frostedge Bulwarks and Frostedge Brigands. However, you must avoid being seen by the Frostedge Sentries, as they will see through your disguise and cause nearby bandits to attack you. Alternatively you can just fight your way through and not use the disguise.

Hozzin’s Folly is a small village with only four houses. You must find three important items, the Dark Ministrations book, the Contract Scroll and the Cracked Rune Ward runestone. There will be Sentries patrolling near these houses, so be careful unless you want to get involved in a fight. Dark Ministrations is found sitting in the southern ruined house, and contains information about a portal to Oblivion which was opened here. The Cracked Rune Ward is found in the northern house – as the name says, it is cracked and upon inspecting you realize that there were once protective wards around the mine. The Contract Scroll is found inside a larger ruined house to the west. According to the scroll, the Frostedge Bandits have cut a deal with the Daggerfall Covenant.

After finding these items, you must proceed to the mine northwest of the village. In order to get inside, you must knock on the mine door and tell the bandit within that “The boss wants to check on the relics we already found.”

The path within the mine is pretty much linear. Be sure to grab the skyshard while avoiding doing harm to the bandits. After passing the bandits, you will go through a tomb of several corridors filled with fire traps. Time your movement carefully as you proceed to the center room. In the center, you will find a Portal to Oblivion, being guarded by a scamp. Quickly kill the scamp and proceed through the portal. Within Oblivion, you will find yourself in a hallway, which leads to a Daedric temple filled with scamps. Within the temple is a Sigil, which you must destroy. Once the Sigil has been destroyed, you will find yourself back in the mine. Head outside where Sergeant Seyne is awaiting your return. Confirming her suspicions, she says that this might be a distraction created by the Covenant and that it’s best that you head back to the village and inform the others.

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