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Ebonheart Pact
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Skyshards are a collectible item, and are placed throughout the world. Skyshards are optional, and are not required to be collected, except for one in the tutorial quest. For every three Skyshards collected the player receives one skill point.

Ebonheart Pact – Skyshard Maps

Bleakrock Isle - Skyshards

Bleakrock Isle – Skyshards

  1. High atop the shrouded Barrow.
    The skyshard is in the eastern part of Skyshroud Barrow.
  2. A Hollow victory beyond the iceflows.
    In the northern Bleakrock, in front of Orkey’s Hollow Cave’s entrance.
  3. To dig too deep would be no Folly.
    This skyshard is inside Hozzin’s Folly cave. A wooden path goes through the camp right to the cave’s entrance. To get inside the cave, you need to get the quest called “Hozzin’s Folly” from Sergeant Seyne which requires you to get a disguise from a corpse. First you need to investigate three locations at the site after which you will be able to equip the disguise and get inside the mine.

Bal Foyen - Skyshards

Bal Foyen – Skyshards

  1. Hidden near the highest hut.
    In the central area of Bal Foyen, the skyshard is located behind the highest rock.
  2. In the fort, just around the way.
    Southwest of Fort Zeren Wayshrine, the skyshard is behind the biggest building in the western side of Fort Zeren.
  3. About to Set Sail.
    On a ship, at the Bal Foyen Dockyards.

Stonefalls - Skyshards

Stonefalls – Skyshards

  1. Watching Lions swim to shore.
    The skyshard is northwest of Davon’s Watch Wayshrine, north of The Harborage, on a hill, at the base of a rock mountain facing the shore.
  2. Near Bal Foyen’s gate.
    Follow the road that goes southeast of Davon’s Watch Wayshrine and you will find the skyshard on the right side of Bal Foyen’s gate.
  3. Staging an attack on Arand.
    The skyshard is northwest of Fort Arand Wayshrine, between Emberflint Mine and Mephala’s Nest public dungeons, in the central area of a small settlement.
  4. A Lady on a cliff, beyond Sulfur Pools.
    Northeast of Sulfur Pools Wayshrine, the shad is on a cliff’s edge, in front of the statue of a lady.
  5. Among the mushrooms, high above Lukiul Uxith.
    The shard is southeast of Lukiul Uxith, near the crossroads, on the edge of a cliff.
  6. Among the pools of fire, above Vivec’s Wayshrine.
    From Vivec’s Wayshrine go south and climb the hill. The shard is on a patch of land in a pool of lava.
  7. South on the Ashen Road, where lava flows.
    Follow the road going south of Ashen Road Wayshrine, and you will find the skyshard on the eastern side of the road, right next to lava.
  8. Tucked away, on a grotto’s mantel.
    The skyshard is located west of Iliath Temple Wayshrine, above the entrance to Fungal Grotto dungeon.
  9. On a hillside behind a plantation.
    Head southwest of Sathram Plantation Wayshrine and Sathram Plantation and you will find the shard in the southwestern part of a circular rock formation.
  10. Left to rust behind the ancient arms. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is west of Davon’s Watch Wayshrine, inside the Inner Sea Armature delve.
  11. Used to strike flames underground. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Go north of Fort Arand Wayshrine and inside the Emberflint Mine delve. The shard is in the southwestern area of the solo dungeon, on the lowest level, below the wooden platforms.
  12. Listening to the Spinner’s whispers. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    East of Brothers of Strife Wayshrine, inside inside Mephala’s Nest delve, close to the exit.
  13. Found in soft dirt by daggers. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The shard is northwest of Ashen Road Wayshrine, inside the inside Softloam Cavern delve. You will find the skyshard in the southeast corner of the cave.
  14. Where a fiery tide rises. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Go east of Hrogar’s Hold Wayshrine and enter the Hightide Hollow delve. The skyshard is in the passageway leading to the solo dungeon’s exit.
  15. Discovering a taste for madness. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Head east of Sathram Plantation Wayshrine and inside Sheogorath’s Tongue delve. The shard is in the last room of the solo dungeon.
  16. Drowned in the south by a clever bird. (Public Dungeon)
    Go in the eastern area of Davon’s Watch, and near a secondary path that goes along the coastline you will find the entrance to a cave. Go inside and use Strange Chest which will open a portal to Crow’s public dungeon. The shard is in the far southeastern side of the map, behind a rock structure.

Deshaan - Skyshards

Deshaan – Skyshards

  1. Free from quarantine.
    Follow the wall going southwest of Quarantine Serk Wayshrine. The skyshard is at the end of the wall.
  2. A Hlaalu victory in Narsis.
    East of the Narsis Wayshrine, in Narsis. The skyshard is behind the Hlaalu Kinhouse, the largest building in the settlement.
  3. A river view on Muth Gnarr’s outskirts.
    Southeast of Muth Gnarr Wayshrine, between Muth Gnarr and Hlaanii’s Howel. The skyshard is at the end of a secondary road, shown as a dotted path on the map.
  4. A twin falls in Mournhold.
    In Mournhold, north-northeast of Mournhold Wayshrine at the twin waterfalls.
  5. Near the remnants of the House caravan.
    Follow the road going east-northeast of Mzithumz Wayshrine until you see a building cut into a cliff. The skyshard is to the right of the building’s entrance.
  6. Follow the river that snakes south to its source.
    South-southeast of Ghost Snake Vale Wayshrine, the skyshard is on a small island in the middle of the river.
  7. Search near the cavern with three eyes.
    The skyshard is southwest of Silent Mire Wayshrine. Follow the western road from Silen Mire Wayshrine and go south at the crossroads. Go right and around the the Darkshade Caverns dungeon. The skyshard is on a wooden platform.
  8. The right tower is Tal’Deic’s left.
    From Tal’Deic Grounds Wayshrine, follow the road west until you see two towers, on the right and left sides of Tal’Deic Fortress. The skyshard is close to the base of the left tower.
  9. Where ships dock and mushrooms Mire.
    From Tal’Deic Grounds Wayshrine, go south. On a hill you will see a big mushroom and some stones. The skyshard is under the mushroom’s cap.
  10. Where the dead walk, no memories linger. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Southeast of Quarantine Serk Wayshrine, inside the Forgotten Crypts delve.
  11. Lend me your ear. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Northeast of Tal’Deic Grounds Wayshrine, inside the Knife Ear Grotto delve.
  12. Where a lady seeks kwama before the storm. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Northwest of Obsidian Gorge Wayshrine, inside the Lady Llarel’s Shelter delve.
  13. Asleep in the depths, the Dwemer awakens. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Southeast of Muth Gnarr Hills Wayshrine, inside the Lower Bthanual delve.
  14. Mine your step where the water drops in. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    North-northeast of Ghost Snake Vale Wayshrine, inside the Triple Circle Mine delve.
  15. Go from Crags to riches. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    South of Ghost Snake Vale Wayshrine, inside the Taleon’s Crag delve.
  16. Where corpses till a garden of sand. (Public Dungeon)
    West of Eidolon’s Hollow Wayshrine, inside the The Corpse Garden public dungeon.

Shadowfen - Skyshards

Shadowfen – Skyshards

  1. Above the Mages’ aye between the falls.
    West of Stormhold Wayshrine, the skyshard is in Stormhold, on the top of the Mages Guild house.
  2. Still shrouded by spray past a western rise.
    Go northwest of Stillrise Wayshrine, following the left side of the river until you come across a small waterfall. Climb above it and you will see the skyshard at the base of another waterfall.
  3. Sneak behind the relic-thieves’ camp.
    Follow the road that goes south of Bogmother Wayshrine, and go west when you reach the crossroads until you reach Camp silken Snare. The camp is surrounded by a stone formation and the skyshard is behind it (on the western side).
  4. Beside a bowsprit among pirates.
    The skyshard is located north-northeast of Alten Corimont Wayshrine, in the Alten Corimont settlement. You will find the skyshard on the bow of the northern boat in the pirate settlement.
  5. Ritual flames brew trouble in the mire.
    The skyshard is northeast of Percolating Mire Wayshrine and settlement, in a stone structure on a small hill.
  6. Where wisps waylay wanderers.
    You will find the skyshard west-southwest of Percolating Mire Wayshrine, at the top of a stone ziggurat.
  7. Like the sound of steam or snakes.
    This shard is west of Hissmir Wayshrine, in the Hissmir Argonian settlement. The skyshard is in the settlement’s central area, at the top of the ziggurat complex.
  8. Overlooking the murk of Xal Ithix.
    Go southwest of Loriasel Wayshrine. Once you pass by Xal Ithix, you will come across two wooden bridges, each connected to a peninsula. Go through the cave on the southern peninsula, follow the path and you will find the shard on the eastern side of a stone shrine.
  9. Imprisoned in a crumbling tower.
    From Venomous Fens Wayshrine, head southwest until you reach a ruined tower. The skyshard is on the second floor of the tower.
  10. Peek behind pillars in Atanaz. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is east of Alten Corimont Wayshrine, inside the Atanaz Ruins delve, in the second square room.
  11. Skittering, slithering, a tusk once whole. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Northeast of Forsaken Hamlet Wayshrine, in the Broken Tusk delve. The skyshard is in the northern hall.
  12. Unearthed by an outlaw excavation. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    South of Loriasel wayshrine, inside the Chid-Moska Ruins delve. The shard is located in the southeast corner of the solo dungeon, behind a wall.
  13. Crown in hand, leave and look right. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    North of Hissmir Wayshrine, in the Gandranen Ruins delve. The shard is in a small hall, on the eastern side, close to the solo dungeon’s entrance.
  14. Climb, little kwama, to reach your goal. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Go southwest of Percolating Mire Wayshrine and enter the Onkobra Kwama Mine delve. You will find the shard in the eastern cave, on top of a wooden platform.
  15. Digesting in the belly of the Black Maw. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Northwest of Stormhold Wayshrine, inside the Shrine of the Black Maw delve. The skyshard is located in the most eastern area of the southeastern hall.
  16. Deep in the den of debauchery. (Public Dungeon)
    East of Stormhold Wayshrine, in the Sanguine’s Demesne public dungeon. The skyshard is in the southeastern cave, surrounded by inscribed stone pillars.

Eastmarch - Skyshards

Eastmarch – Skyshards

  1. Nestled beside Morvunskar’s royal tomb.
    The skyshard is northwest of Fort Morvunskar Wayshrine, on the western side of the road that leads to Fort Morvunskar, next to a wooden door in a cliff.
  2. Giants despoil the village below.
    The shard is located southeast of Windhelm Wayshrine, close to the Giant’s Heart POI. The collectible is next to a wooden wheel cart, close to a camp fire surrounded by giants.
  3. Leave the hollow to cure the chill.
    This skyshard is east of Windhelm Wayshrine, northwest of the nearby The Chill Hollow delve. The skyshard is close to a tall tree, in the snow.
  4. Strewn between tusks near the barrow.
    You will find this shard northwest of Wittestadr Wayshrine, near the road leading to the Bonestrewn Crest area. It’s right next to the tusks of a mammoth skull.
  5. Beside a bridge to Amol.
    The collectible is east of Fort Amol Wayshrine, outside the Fort Amol settlement, at the base of a bridge.
  6. Lost in ruins beyond the grotto.
    The skyshard is located west of Fort Amol Wayshrine, next to some ruins and a large rock.
  7. Mzulft’s secrets are not all underground.
    To collect this skyshard you need to go in the ruins of Mzulft, northeast of Logging Camp Wayshrine. The shard is on a terrace, above the entrance to the ruins.
  8. Attempting to spy on Aelif.
    The skyshard is northwest of Jorunn’s Stand Wayshrine, in the southwestern part of Jorunn’s Stand camp, behind a tent, close to some rocks.
  9. Stashed near a farm in icy winds.
    You will find the collectible southwest of Logging Camp Wayshrine, south of a small farm, close to a field of pumpkins.
  10. An illegitimate child’s reading material. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    To collect this skyshard you have to go east of Jorunn’s Strand Wayshrine, inside The Bastard’s Tomb delve, in a small room behind a bookshelf.
  11. Search the slipperiest places in the hollow. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    This skyshard is located east of Windhelm Wayshrine, inside The Chill Hollow delve, in the largest cave room.
  12. Three eyes gleam, a frigid prize. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The collectible is northwest of Fort Amol Wayshrine, in the northern extremity of The Frigid Grotto delve.
  13. Crashed from the sky to open the vault. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Head southeast of Kynesgrove Wayshrine, and go inside the Icehammer’s Vault delve and you will find the collectible in the second room, at the base of a small waterfall.
  14. Old Sord excelled at hide-and-seek. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The shard is located southeast of Wittestadr Wayshrine, inside the Old Sord’s Cave delve, in the southwestern corner of the largest cave room.
  15. Among the dead, sheltered from storms. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is southeast of Logging Camp Wayshrine, in the second room of the Stormcrag Crypt delve, up on a platform.
  16. Near a throne in the Hall of the Dead. (Public Dungeon)
    The last Eastmarch skyshard is southwest of Windhelm Wayshrine, inside the Hall of the Dead public dungeon. The shard is behind the throne in the second room and you can reach it after defeating the boss.

The Rift - Skyshards

The Rift – Skyshards

  1. Braced against wind near the mine.
    Follow the road going west from Northwind Mine Wayshrine and you’ll soon come across a small path going north, towards a wooden door. The shard is on the left of that door.
  2. Be Shor to search all over the stone.
    This shard is northeast of Followstone Wayshrine, on a cliff, right outside the northwestern side of Shor’s Stone settlement. You can see it from within the settlement, but in order to reach it you have to go around.
  3. Nearly discovered by a mauled stablehand.
    This skyshard is located northeast of Ragged Hills Wayshrine. Follow the road going northwest from Treva’s Farm. The road ends with two loops and the shard is in the middle of the first one.
  4. Cultists’ prize near Ragged Hills.
    Follow the road going southeast of Ragged Hills Wayshrine. You will pass through a stone gate and when you reach the edge of the hill you will see the skyshard down below it.
  5. Scour the crags near Avancheznel.
    Follow the road going southwest from Honrich Tower Wayshrine, that leads to the Avanchnzel delve. Before the solo dungeon’s entrance there’s a small passage leading straight to the shard.
  6. South where worms swarm the barrow.
    The collectible is located southwest of Taarengrav Wayshrine, in the southwestern part of the Taarengrav Ruins POI, on a wooden platform.
  7. A prospect found.
    You will find the shard, north of Fullhelm Fort Wayshrine and northeast of Lost Prospect POI, behind a wooden door, lying on the ground.
  8. Walk above the clouds.
    This skyshard is northwest of Trolhetta Wayshrine, but it’s a bit more complicated to get it. You have to take the quest called “A Walk Above the Clouds” which you can get from the NPC Veldrana. The quest will lead you through the Dragon Cult Temple to the shard’s location. To open the door you will need to complete a mini-puzzle (Whale on the left, Snake in the center, Eagle on the right). Also while you’re in this area your HP will slowly drain and the only way to regenerate it is to get near a fire source (campfire or torch).
  9. Stay alert between Riften and Greenwall.
    The shard is on the left side of the road going north of Riften Wayshrine, between 3 large rocks.
  10. Clank of gears and hiss of steam. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    This collectible is south-southwest of Honrich Tower Wayshrine, inside the Avanchnzel delve, close to the entrance.
  11. Guarded by bears in the hollow. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    To collect this skyshard you need to go south of Fullhelm Fort Wayshrine, inside the Broken Helm Hollow delve. The shard is in the first cave room, where you will also encounter the cave’s boss.
  12. Deep in the roots of the tooth. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    This skyshard is located inside the Faldar’s Tooth delve, northeast of Honrich Tower Wayshrine. Once inside, you will find it in the northwestern room.
  13. Where green grows in the fort’s wall. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Go north of Riften Wayshrine inside the Fort Greenwall delve. The skyshard is in the eastern part of the solo dungeon next to the wall and a tree.
  14. Take a shrouded approach. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Go inside the Shroud Hearth Barrow delve (southwest of Geirmund’s Hall Wayshrine) and you’ll find the shard in the northwestern corner of the biggest room.
  15. Tread carefully; don’t break a leg. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    This collectible is northwest of Northwind Mine Wayshrine, in the Snapleg Cave delve. The shard is in the eastern extremity of the largest cave room next to a bunch of wooden crates.
  16. Protected by wraiths in a beast’s den. (Public Dungeon)
    To collect this shard you have to go southwest of Taarengrav Wayshrine, in the Lion’s Den public dungeon. After you enter the dungeon you can get the quest called “A Valuable Distraction”. It will help you go through the dungeon, since it is an open area.
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