The Elder Scrolls Online: Ingots


Blacksmithing Materials

Ingot Craft Into
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Iron Armor and Weapons
(Level 1 – 14)
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Steel Armor and Weapons
(Level 16 – 24)
Orichalcum Ingot Orichalcum Ingot Orichalc Armor and Weapons
(Level 26 – 34)
Dwarven Ingot Dwarven Ingot Dwarven Armor and Weapons
(Level 36 – 44)
Ebony Ingot Ebony Ingot Ebon Armor and Weapons
(Level 46 – 50)
Calcinium Ingot Calcinium Ingot Calcinium Armor and Weapons
(Champion Points 10 – 30)
Galatite Ingot Galatite Ingot Galatite Armor and Weapons
(Champion Points 40 – 60)
Quicksilver Ingot Quicksilver Ingot Quicksilver Armor and Weapons
(Champion Points 70 – 80)
Voidstone Ingot Voidstone Ingot Voidsteel Armor and Weapons
(Champion Points 90 – 140)
Rubedite Ingot Rubedite Ingot Rubedite Armor and Weapons
(Champion Points 150 – 160)
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