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Jewelry Crafting Materials
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There are four types of materials involved in Jewelry Crafting: Dust and Ounces, Grains and Platings, and Trait Materials.

Dust is the raw material that can be found in the world in jewelry crafting seams. By themselves they cannot be used, but they may be refined into Ounces at any jewelry crafting station.

Ounces are used to make Jewelry, including Necklaces and Rings.

Grains can be refined into Platings, which can be used to improve existing jewelry.

Trait Materials (once refined from their Pulverized form) are used to craft jewelry with traits.


Metal Dust Refine Into
Pewter Pewter Dust Pewter Dust Pewter Ounce Pewter Ounce
Copper Copper Dust Copper Dust Copper Ounce Copper Ounce
Silver Silver Dust Silver Dust Silver Ounce Silver Ounce
Electrum Electrum Dust Electrum Dust Electrum Ounce Electrum Ounce
Platinum Platinum Dust Platinum Dust Platinum Ounce Platinum Ounce


Ounce Craft Into
Pewter Ounce Pewter Ounce Pewter Jewelry
(Level 1 – 24)
Copper Ounce Copper Ounce Copper Jewelry
(Level 26 – 50)
Silver Ounce Silver Ounce Silver Jewelry
(Level Champion Points10 – 70)
Electrum Ounce Electrum Ounce Electrum Jewelry
(Level Champion Points80 – 140)
Platinum Ounce Platinum Ounce Platinum Jewelry
(Level Champion Points150 – 160)


Grains Platings Effect
Terne Grains Terne Grains Terne Plating Terne Plating Improve quality from Normal to Fine.
Iridium Grains Iridium Grains Iridium Plating	Iridium Plating Improve quality from Fine to Superior.
Zircon Grains Zircon Grains Zircon Plating Zircon Plating Improve quality from Superior to Epic.
Chromium Grains Chromium Grains Chromium Plating Chromium Plating Improve quality from Epic to Legendary.

In addition to jewelry items, platings are also used in Sketches for furnishings. Specifically:

  • Normal sketches (if they existed) do not require any Plating.
  • Fine quality blueprints from 9 Terne Plating.
  • Superior quality blueprints from 6 Iridium Plating.
  • Epic quality blueprints from 3 Zircon Plating.
  • Legendary quality blueprints from 1 Chromium Plating.

Trait Materials
Just like the other equipment crafting skills, there will be nine traits which can be researched and crafted. Three of these will be those that currently exist, and there will be six new traits. Unlike the other skills, however, the materials for these traits are mostly found in pulverized form, and must be refined to produce usable materials. Just like refinable style materials, 10 pulverized trait materials can be refined into 1 usable item.

Pulverized Material Trait Description Source
Refined Material
Pulverized Zinc Pulverized Zinc Robust Increase Maximum Stamina by 870. Deconstructing Robust jewelry or refining dust.
Zinc Zinc
Pulverized Cobalt Pulverized Cobalt Arcane Increase Maximum Magicka by 870. Deconstructing Arcane jewlery or refining dust.
Cobalt Cobalt
Pulverized Antimony Pulverized Antimony Healthy Increase Maximum Health by 957. Deconstructing Healthy jewelry or refining dust.
Antimony Antimony
Pulverized Slaughterstone Pulverized Slaughterstone Bloodthirsty Increase Execute Damage by 10% when enemy is below 25%. From trial weekly coffers.
Slaughterstone Slaughterstone
Pulverized Dibellium Pulverized Dibellium Harmony Increase the effectiveness of any Synergies by 35%. From daily dungeon finder rewards.
Dibellium Dibellium
Pulverized Aurbic Amber Pulverized Aurbic Amber Infused Increase the effect of the enchantment by 60%. From finding Psijic portals.
Aurbic Amber Aurbic Amber
Pulverized Dawn-Prism Pulverized Dawn-Prism Triune Increase Maximum Health, Maximum Magicka and Maximum Stamina by 435. Purchased from war researchers in Cyrodiil.
Dawn-Prism Dawn-Prism
Pulverized Titanium Pulverized Titanium Protective Increase Physical Resistance by 1844. From harvesting jewelry seams.
Titanium Titanium
Pulverized Gilding Wax Pulverized Gilding Wax Swift Increase Movement Speed by 10%. Purchased from Rolis Hlaalu.
Gilding Wax Gilding Wax

Finding jewelry with the newer traits to research is not as simple as with other gear. Just as before, you will normally only find items with the original three traits: Robust, Arcane, and Healthy, as well as non-craftable Ornate. In addition, jewelry crafting writs will now sometimes give you Intricate jewelry, just like the other gear crafting writs. For the others, you will need to do a bit more work, or get other players to craft items for you to research. The chart below shows how to acquire the rarer traits:

Trait Source
Bloodthirsty Rarely found as rewards for Weekly Trials quests.
Harmony Rarely acquired in Undaunted chests.
Infused Rarely found in Psijic Portals.
Triune Rarely found from daily board quests in Cyrodiil.
Protective Ring from completing Summerset Main Quest, Necklace from Psijic Order quests.
Swift Rarely found from Jewelry Crafting Writs.
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