The Elder Scrolls Online: Cadwell’s Almanac – The Blood-Splattered Shield

Camp Tamrith Quests Camp Tamrith is a camp in southwestern Rivenspire, south-southwest of Shornhelm. #3. The Blood-Splattered Shield Zone: Rivenspire Faction: Daggerfall Covenant Objective: Camp Tamrith — Help the Camp Tamrith refugees and the Shornhelm Guard. Quest Giver: Count Verandis Ravenwatch at Ravenwatch Castle; Captain Janeve at Camp Tamrith Location(s): Camp Tamrith, Southgard Tower, Shadowfate

The Elder Scrolls Online: Quests by Location – Rivenspire

Quests by Location Rivenspire is the northern region of High Rock. It is a gloomy region, with jagged rock formations punctuating the rather bleak lowlands. The majority of creatures found in Rivenspire are of the aggressive type, including wolves and wraiths. Local hunters also make a living off the abundant giant bats and spiders. Following