The Elder Scrolls Online: Quests by Location – Auridon

Quests by Location Auridon is the second-largest island in the Summerset Isles and the location of Firsthold, one of the largest Aldmeri cities in the world. It is renowned for its unique architecture and magnificent gardens. Aldmeri Dominion Quests Khenarthi’s Roost Storm on the Horizon Auridon Lluvamir Ensuring Security A Hostile Situation To Tanzelwil In

The Elder Scrolls Online: Cadwell’s Almanac – Rites of the Queen

Tanzelwil Quests Tanzelwil is a haunted elven ruin in southern Auridon, due west of the town of Phaer. The ruin is a traditional worship site for Altmer royalty. #5. Rites of the Queen Zone: Auridon Faction: Aldmeri Dominion Objective: Tanzelwil — Help the Queen uphold High Elf traditions. Quest Giver: Queen Ayrenn Location(s): Inner Tanzelwil