The Elder Scrolls Online: Alchemy Reagents

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Reagents have four characteristics. Two reagents are required to create a potion. When reagents are selected which share characteristics, those characteristics manifest in the resulting potion.

Reagent Primary Effect Secondary Effect Tertiary Effect Quaternary Effect
Beetle Scuttle Beetle Scuttle BreachBreach Increase ArmorIncrease Armor ProtectionProtection Vitality Vitality
Blessed Thistle Blessed Thistle Restore StaminaRestore Stamina Increase Weapon PowerIncrease Weapon Power Ravage HealthRavage Health SpeedSpeed
Blue Entoloma Blue Entoloma Ravage MagickaRavage Magicka CowardiceCowardice Restore HealthRestore Health InvisibleInvisible
Bugloss Bugloss Increase Spell ResistIncrease Spell Resist Restore HealthRestore Health CowardiceCowardice Restore MagickaRestore Magicka
Butterfly Wing Butterfly Wing Restore HealthRestore Health UncertaintyUncertainty Lingering HealthLingering Health Vitality Vitality
Clam Gall Clam Gall Increase Spell ResistIncrease Spell Resist HindranceHindrance VulnerabilityVulnerability DefileDefile
Columbine Columbine Restore HealthRestore Health Restore MagickaRestore Magicka Restore StaminaRestore Stamina UnstoppableUnstoppable
Corn Flower Corn Flower Restore MagickaRestore Magicka Increase Spell PowerIncrease Spell Power Ravage HealthRavage Health DetectionDetection
Dragonthorn Dragonthorn Increase Weapon PowerIncrease Weapon Power Restore StaminaRestore Stamina FractureFracture Weapon CriticalWeapon Critical
Emetic Russula Emetic Russula Ravage HealthRavage Health Ravage MagickaRavage Magicka Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina EntrapmentEntrapment
Fleshfly Larva Fleshfly Larva Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina VulnerabilityVulnerability Gradual Ravage HealthGradual Ravage Health Vitality Vitality
Imp Stool Imp Stool MaimMaim Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina Increase ArmorIncrease Armor EnervationEnervation
Lady's Smock Lady’s Smock Increase Spell PowerIncrease Spell Power Restore MagickaRestore Magicka BreachBreach Spell CriticalSpell Critical
Luminous Russula Luminous Russula Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina MaimMaim Restore HealthRestore Health HindranceHindrance
Mountain Flower Mountain Flower Increase ArmorIncrease Armor Restore HealthRestore Health MaimMaim Restore StaminaRestore Stamina
Mudcrab Chitin Mudcrab Chitin Increase Spell ResistIncrease Spell Resist Increase ArmorIncrease Armor ProtectionProtection DefileDefile
Namira's Rot Namira’s Rot Spell CriticalSpell Critical SpeedSpeed InvisibleInvisible UnstoppableUnstoppable
Nightshade Nightshade Ravage HealthRavage Health ProtectionProtection Gradual Ravage HealthGradual Ravage Health DefileDefile
Nirnroot Nirnroot Ravage HealthRavage Health UncertaintyUncertainty EnervationEnervation InvisibleInvisible
Powdered Mother of Pearl Powdered Mother of Pearl Lingering HealthLingering Health SpeedSpeed Vitality Vitality ProtectionProtection
Scrib Jelly Scrib Jelly Ravage MagickaRavage Magicka SpeedSpeed VulnerabilityVulnerability Lingering HealthLingering Health
Spider Egg Spider Egg HindranceHindrance InvisibleInvisible Lingering HealthLingering Health DefileDefile
Stinkhorn Stinkhorn FractureFracture Ravage HealthRavage Health Increase Weapon PowerIncrease Weapon Power Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina
Torchbug Thorax Torchbug Thorax FractureFracture EnervationEnervation DetectionDetection Vitality Vitality
Violet Coprinus Violet Coprinus BreachBreach Ravage HealthRavage Health Increase Spell PowerIncrease Spell Power Ravage MagickaRavage Magicka
Water Hyacinth Water Hyacinth Restore HealthRestore Health Spell CriticalSpell Critical Weapon CriticalWeapon Critical EntrapmentEntrapment
White Cap White Cap CowardiceCowardice Ravage MagickaRavage Magicka Increase Spell ResistIncrease Spell Resist DetectionDetection
Wormwood Wormwood Weapon CriticalWeapon Critical HindranceHindrance DetectionDetection UnstoppableUnstoppable
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