The Elder Scrolls Online: Aldmeri Dominion Quests

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Quests by Location
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The Aldmeri Dominion is one of the three joinable factions participating in the Alliance War, the other two being the Daggerfall Covenant and the Ebonheart Pact. The crest of the Aldmeri Dominion is an eagle, and its colors are yellow and silver. It consists of the Altmer of Summerset Isles, the Bosmer of Valenwood, and the Khajiit of Elsweyr. The alliance is a nascent empire that rules its holdings with an iron fist. Led by Queen Ayrenn with Elden Root as its capital, the Dominion seeks to reestablish Elven dominance over Tamriel in order to protect it from the carelessness of the younger races. The province of Valenwood, led by King Camoran Aeradan, joined the alliance to help fight off the Colovian troops that were capturing territory in northern Valenwood, while Elsweyr still remains in the grip of the Knahaten Flu. Dominion players will begin in the city of Vulkhel Guard on the Summerset island of Auridon, after being washed up unconscious on the shores of Khenarthi’s Roost following their escape from Molag Bal’s realm of Coldharbour. They will have the option to visit Khenarthi’s Roost, off the coast of Elsweyr, to find the person who rescued them from the sea.

Aldmeri Dominion Quests

Khenarthi’s Roost
Khenarthi’s Roost Side Quests
  • Dark Knowledge
  • The Family Business
  • Moon-Sugar Medicament
  • A Pinch of Sugar
  • The Root of the Problem
Lluvamir Side Quests
  • Corruption Stones
  • Depths of Madness
  • The First Patient
  • Plague of Phaer
  • Unaccounted Crew
  • Real Marines
  • Repentant Son
  • The Serpent’s Beacon
  • Silsailen Rescue
  • Teldur’s End
  • The Toothmaul Ploy
  • Well-Armed Savages
Calambar Side Quests
  • An Act of Kindness
  • Assisting the Assistant
  • Final Blows
  • The Mallari-Mora
  • Preventative Measure
  • The Racer
  • Silent Village
  • Spirited Away
  • The Veiled Choice
  • A Village Awakened
Vafe Side Quests
  • Blessings of the Eight
  • Eye of the Ancients
  • Eye Spy
  • Harsh Lesson
  • The Jester’s Joke
  • Lost Bet
  • Relic Rescue
  • Rightful Inheritance
  • Take Me Home
  • The Wayward Dagger
Auridon Dungeon Quests
  • Banishing the Banished
  • The Plan
Long Coast Side Quests
  • Bosmer Insight
  • Brackenleaf’s Briars
  • Carnival Conundrum
  • Forever Bound
  • Forgotten Soul
  • If the Dead Could Talk
  • Keeper of Bones
  • A Little on the Side
  • Lost Treasures
  • Luck of the Albatross
  • Passage Denied
  • Scars Never Fade
  • A Silken Garb
  • Unsafe Haven
  • The Wandering Minstrel
Green Hall Side Quests
  • The Blacksap’s Hold
  • Eyes of Azura
  • Forbidden Love
  • Pact Advocate
  • Phantom Guilt
  • Rare Imports
  • Storgh’s Bow
  • The Unquiet Dead
  • Until Death
  • Wanted: Sgolag
Tarlain Heights Side Quests
  • Ancient Stones, Ancient Words
  • Blood Hunt
  • Caring for Kwama
  • A Chief Concern
  • Enemies at the Gate
  • The Enemy Within
  • Flipping the Coin
  • The Innkeeper’s Daughter
  • Light in the Darkness
  • A Lucrative Scheme
  • The Wakening Dark
  • The Wounded Wood
Grahtwood Dungeon Quests
  • Ancient Remains
  • Consuming Darkness
Wilderking Court
Drowned Coast
Green’s Marrow
Wilderking Court Side Quests
  • The Artisan
  • The Fading Tree
  • The Flower of Youth
  • Forthor’s Cursed Axe
  • Handmade Guardian
  • Hunting the Wasp
  • Stone Cold
  • A Tangled Knot
  • Troublemakers
Drowned Coast Side Quests
  • The Amronal of Valenwood
  • The Dead King
  • Deadly Ambition
  • The Flooded Grove
  • Hunting the Troll
  • In the Belly of the Sea Hawk
  • Lost in the Mist
  • Manthir’s Debt
  • The Merethic Collection
  • Mist and Shadow
  • The Misuses of Knowledge
  • Scaled Captors
  • The Serpent Lord
Green’s Marrow Side Quests
  • Beasts of Falinesti
  • The Falinesti Faithful
  • Hunting the Mammoth
  • Moonhenge’s Tear
  • Mourning the Lost
  • The Senche
  • Swift Justice
  • The Unfilled Order
Greenshade Dungeon Quests
  • Razor’s Edge
  • Return to Ash
Malabal Tor
Broken Coast
Xylo River Basin
Silvenar Vale
Broken Coast Side Quests
  • Export Business
  • The Hound’s Men
  • Lost Daughter
  • Nature’s Best Friend
  • Naval Intelligence
  • A Nord in Need
  • Raise the Curtain
  • The Show Must Go On
  • The Storm’s Call
  • The Summer Site
  • The Tale of the Green Lady
  • The Unkindest Cut
Xylo River Basin Side Quests
  • Arithiel
  • Buyer Beware
  • A Father’s Promise
  • For Everything a Season
  • Payment In Kind
  • Shock to the System
  • Something Rotten
  • The Soul Trap
  • Z’en and Mauloch
Silvenar Vale Side Quests
  • Awakening
  • Back to Rest
  • Blind Man’s Bluff
  • Brothers and Bandits
  • The Captain’s Honor
  • The Dark Night of the Soul
  • Enemy of My Enemy
  • Fulfilling One’s Fate
  • The Maormer’s Vessels
  • The Misfortunate Minstrels
  • A Novel Idea
  • Sacred Prey, Hunt Profane
  • Shipwrecked Sailors
  • A Tale Forever Told
  • A Tangled Net
  • The Ties that Bind
Malabal Tor Dungeon Quests
  • Eye of the Storm
Reaper’s March
Northern Woods
Northern Woods Side Quests
  • The Arbordawn Cult
  • Down the Skeever Hole
  • Ezreba’s Fate
  • Gates of Fire
  • Gentle Gardener
  • History’s Song
  • How Few Remain
  • Song of the Spinner
  • Oath of Excision
  • On the Doorstep
  • Over the Edge
  • The Waking Dreamer
Jodewood Side Quests
  • Baan Dar’s Bash
  • Baan Dar’s Boast
  • Box of Riddles
  • Desecrated Ground
  • Fang Collector
  • The Golden Claw
  • Hadran’s Fall
  • Into the Vice Den
  • Lizard Racing
  • A Night to Forget
  • An Offering
  • Spikeball
  • To Honor the Fallen
  • Troll Arena
  • Questionable Contract
Dawnmead Side Quests
  • An Affront to Mara
  • Solo Dungeon The Champion Division
  • Ezzag’s Bandits
  • A Foot in the Door
  • Haunting of Kalari
  • Loose Ends
  • Prisoners of the Sphinx
  • Rat Problems
  • Small Town Problems
  • Solo Dungeon The Sorcerer Division
  • Solo Dungeon The Summoner Division
  • Solo Dungeon The Swordmaster Division
  • Test of Faith
  • A Traitor’s Luck
Reaper’s March Dungeon Quests
  • Solo Dungeon Into the Maw
  • Knowledge Gained
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