The Elder Scrolls Online: Aldmeri Dominion Quests – Storm on the Horizon

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Khenarthi’s Roost Quests
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Eagle’s Strand is a ruined fort on the south side of Khenarthi’s Roost. It has been recently re-appropriated by the Aldmeri Dominion as a base camp after a devastating storm.

The inhabitants of Eagle’s Strand are mostly Aldmeri Dominion soldiers and squatters who already lived there before the storm, as well as healers treating those wounded in the storm. Notable residents include Razum-dar, the first quest giver for the Aldmeri Dominion line, and Ealcil, a scholar studying a mysterious weeping stone. A bar has been set up in one of the towers. The other tower has water cascading down the inside and flooding the lower level, and a skyshard can be found at the top.

Khenarthi's Roost: Eagle's Strand

#1. Storm on the Horizon
Zone: Khenarthi’s Roost
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Quest Giver: Razum-dar in Eagle’s Strand; Zaeri at Shattered Shoals or Temple of the Mourning Springs; To My Friend From the Beach
Location(s): Eagle’s Strand, Shattered Shoals, Temple of the Mourning Springs, Mistral
Prerequisite Quest: Soul Shriven in Coldharbour
Next Quest: The Perils of Diplomacy
Concurrent Quest: Cast Adrift and Tears of the Two Moons
Reward: Gold Fleet’s Beacon + 604 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Speak with Razum-dar, then talk to Commander Karinith and Ealcil.
  2. Complete Cast Adrift and Tears of the Two Moons.
  3. Find Razum-dar in Mistral.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Razum-dar will be waiting for you outside the Ruined Tower you awoke in. He will say that you must become more familiar so your presence won’t be suspect. Apparently you fell from the sky, and while before he wasn’t sure how you would fit into his mission, he has now decided you may be of help. He will urge you to keep your arrival a secret by claiming to be just another soldier. Then, he will have you speak to Commander Karinith, who will then send you to speak with Ealcil. Karinith needs you to help search for survivors of the storm in the Shattered Shoals area to the west. Ealcil, on the other hand, is a scholar who has just returned from a temple with a mysterious rock that produces endless water. He was attacked by skeletons and barely escaped with his life and the stone, leaving behind the rest of the expedition.

Follow Razum-dar back to the north exit. He will suggest that you to help one or both of them in order to obtain the trust of the locals, then meet him in Mistral, a port city to the north. You will need to complete the two objectives and the quests they lead to (Cast Adrift and Tears of the Two Moons) to complete this quest. Once you have done so, head to Mistral. When you arrive, Razum-dar will be on the north end of the long bridge leading into the city.

  • If you leave Eagle’s Strand before speaking to both Commander Karinith, Ealcil, and meeting Razum-dar at the statues, then you will fail the current objective and be told to find Razum-dar back in the camp. There will be a note from him there, giving you the quest’s objectives (Shattered Shoals and Temple of the Mourning Springs) and telling you to meet him in Mistral.
  • If you complete Cast Adrift or Tears of the Two Moons without starting this quest, Zaeri will appear at those locations once the quest is complete to direct you to the other objective.
  • If you bypass everything including Eagle’s Strand, Shattered Shoals, and the Temple of the Mourning Springs, there is a notice at the Temple of the Crescent Moons and a note outside Silat’s House at Windcatcher Plantation entitled To My Friend From the Beach. Engaging in a dialogue with this notice starts the quest.
  • If you head straight to Mistral, you are able to start The Perils of Diplomacy without completing this quest.
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