The Elder Scrolls Online: Aldmeri Dominion Quests – The Blight of the Bosmer

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Verrant Morass Quests
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Verrant Morass is a grove in central Greenshade, west of Marbruk.

Greenshade: Verrant Morass

#1. The Blight of the Bosmer
Zone: Greenshade
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Cadwell's Almanac Verrant Morass — Discover the source of the blight.
Quest Giver: Indaenir
Location(s): Verrant Morass
Concurrent Quest: Shades of Green
Reward: Gauntlets of the Forest Protector + 219 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Activate the three Standing Stones.
  2. Talk to Indaenir at the Eldest Den.
  3. Kill the Eldest and take its heart.
  4. Kill the three tree spirits.
  5. Find Indaenir, and defeat the Servant of Naemon.
  6. Talk to Indaenir.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

When you approach Verrant Morass, Indaenir runs up to you. There is a strange blight here turning the Bosmer into rabid beasts. He thinks it is a result of Naemon’s Shade corrupting the forest, since the blight comes from the trees. You might be able to contain it using Standing Stones, ancient tools Bosmer used to protect themselves from the aggressive forest. It appears some Bosmer are immune to the blight, and other races are also immune.

You need to activate the east, central, and west standing stones. After you activate them, Indaenir says the corruption is coming from the Eldest Den.

The Eldest Den is north of Verrant Morass. Talk to Indaenir once you arrive. The blight will quickly spread because the Eldest has been corrupted. The Eldest is an ancient strangler, the lifeblood of the forest. Regardless of the Green Pact, you must kill it. However, Indaenir tells you to take its heart, so you might grow a new strangler in its place.

However, once you take the Eldest’s heart, you and Indaenir are transported to the shadowy version of Greenshade, the Shadow Wood. The Eldest’s heart ties the shadow plane to the real world. He thinks it is also tied to Naemon’s Servant. If you slay the corrupted tree spirits, the real trees will be restored. If you have the Intimidation perk, you can choose to use the heart to help slay the spirits but corrupting the heart so it will be unable to grow a replacement for the Eldest.

Defeat the east, central and west tree spirits. Then, find Indaenir. Naemon’s servant is attacking him. Defeat the servant, and you return to the real world where the feral Bosmer are no longer hostile.
Talk to Indaenir. You saved many of the trees, but if you chose to sacrifice the heart, Indaenir will be concerned. However, he will be elated if you did it without the heart’s power.

If you choose not to use the heart: “It wasn’t easy, but we did it. We stopped the blight from spreading, defeated Naemon’s servant, and we still have the heart we can use to grow a replacement for the Eldest. All things considered, this went as well as I could have hoped.”
If you choose to use the heart: “At least it’s over now. We stopped the blight from spreading and defeated Naemon’s servant…but at such cost.”
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