The Elder Scrolls Online: Aldmeri Dominion Quests – The Perils of Diplomacy

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Khenarthi’s Roost Quests
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Mistral is a port city on Khenarthi’s Roost. It is on the opposite side of the island from Eagle’s Strand, where members of the Aldmeri Dominion arrive from Vulkhel Guard. The entrance to Cat’s Eye Quay is to the northeast.

Mistral contains one of each of the six crafting stations, as well as a wayshrine. Alchemy and Enchanting shops with stations inside them overlook the docks on the east side of the city, while the other crafting stations are to the northwest.

The Maormer Embassy is on the far western side of the city. A skyshard can be found behind the building, overlooking the water.

Khenarthi's Roost

#2. The Perils of Diplomacy
Zone: Khenarthi’s Roost
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Mistral — Secure Mistral for the Aldmeri Dominion.
Quest Giver: Razum-dar
Location(s): Mistral
Previous Quest: Storm on the Horizon, Cast Adrift and Tears of the Two Moons
Next Quest: The Tempest Unleashed
Reward: Queen’s Own Cuirass + 186 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Meet Razum-dar at the entrance of Mistral, or at The Boatman’s Tail Inn.
  2. Speak with Vicereeve Pelidil, the Silvenar, Ulondil, and Harrani.
  3. Sneak into the Maormer Embassy and find a way into Ulondil’s private quarters.
  4. Collect the treaty and bring it to Razum-dar.
  5. Meet with the Silvenar and the Green Lady.
  6. Investigate Mistral to find out who the assassin is.
  7. Inform Razum-dar and the Green Lady of your evidence.
  8. Find the assassin and the man behind it all, then decide whether to kill or spare him.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

The Treaty
When you reach Mistral, Razum-dar will be waiting for you at the entrance. Alternatively, you could meet him at The Boatman’s Tail Inn. Speak with him and he’ll tell you there’s an interesting political situation going on between the local Maormer and the new Aldmeri Dominion presence. He’ll direct you towards the Silvenar—a Bosmer cultural figure working as a political liaison between the Maormer, locals, and Dominion—and give you a token to show him.

The Silvenar, upon seeing your token, will confide in you about the issue. The locals of Khenarthi’s Roost don’t like the Dominion presence at the moment. However, there is a treaty between the Maormer and locals, allowing them to coexist on the island. Neither Harrani, the local headwoman, nor Ulondil, the Maormer ambassador, will show him their copies of the treaty, suggesting that it is flawed and cannot hold. He requests that you get one of them to share their copy, as he cannot.

Speak with both Ulondil and Harrani. Harrani says that even showing the treaty would upset the Maormer, who disapprove of the Dominion presence in the area, so she cannot share it. She fears what would happen if the treaty were broken by anyone, as it was signed in the first place in order to prevent conflict. Ulondil, on the other hand, speaks in a hostile manner, angry that the Maormer presence is threatened by the Dominion and “High Elf thieves”, claiming that the island belonged to the Maormer in the first place. He says his treaty is located on another, distant island, and suggests you ask Harrani for her copy instead.

Once you report your lack of success to the Silvenar, he tells you to find Razum-dar again, either in the local tavern, or at the bridge to the entrance to Mistral. Razum-dar will tell you—while also informing you exactly how many drinks it takes to incapacitate certain guards—that Harrani’s copy was actually stolen and that Ulondil not-so-subtly posted a guard outside his private quarters on the same day. He directs you towards the Maormer Embassy and tells you to meet him again once you’ve recovered the stolen treaty.

On the second floor of the embassy, you’ll see a guard waiting outside of the private quarters, preventing you from entering. However, you have two options open to get past him: A drugged drink or a “love letter”. In the guard’s quarters nearby, you’ll find an unsent love letter to the object of his affection, Zali, boasting about his prestigious status. You can head downstairs to forge a letter from her, and once you’ve given it to him, he’ll run off excitedly. Alternatively, you can find a servant’s outfit downstairs with moon sugar hidden inside and sneak some of it into his drink, making him pass out.

Take the treaty and show it to Razum-dar, who is now out by the bridge spanning Mistral. He sends you back to the Silvenar for further instruction, who is, at the moment, living with his partner, the Green Lady, in the armorer’s home above the crafting area. The Green Lady is lounging outside, and curtly tells you you only have a few minutes with the Silvenar, who is inside.

The Murder
When you enter, the Silvenar is indeed waiting for you. However, he’s dead—lying on the ground, with a dirty red cloud of poison around him. While you examine him, the Green Lady walks in and then becomes enraged, demanding any information you might know about what happened. When you admit your ignorance, she yells at you to find out what Harrani knows, as this is her city.

Harrani is surprised on hearing the information, and eager to help. She offers her guard log, which indicates that there has been suspicious activity regarding the warehouse, the alchemist, and the Maormer ship Serpent’s Kiss. Investigate all three of these.

In the second floor of the warehouse, find a hiding spot. You’ll be able to see someone sneak in and leave behind a note mentioning “Unwelcome Visitors”, “Anchor Chains”, and a “Tempest”.

At the apothecary near the docks, you’ll see Ulondil standing outside interrogating the alchemist, who swears his innocence, saying he doesn’t even make poisons. When you check the ledger inside, you will notice a number of orders for daedra blood and a daedra heart—and the customer refused to give their name.

On the Serpent’s Kiss, if you can bribe Captain Irinwe to let you go below decks, you will find, at the opposite end of the ship from the entrance, a hidden trapdoor or compartment in the floor and a crate of Sea Viper paraphernalia. You can also get in by taking a key from a sleeping crewmember.

Bring the evidence to Razum-dar, who will also inform you that the Silvenar and Green Lady shared a life bond, meaning that she will die very soon as well. He gives you a sample of the poison that killed the Silvenar, telling you to bring it to the Green Lady. She uses this to track the killer, and tells you to follow along.

You’ll end up at the abandoned house below the embassy. Incapacitate the assassin and interrogate her. She says that Ulondil put her up to the task, as the Silvenar could have stopped the Tempest. The Green Lady kills her.

Find Ulondil. He tells you that he’s just ordered the alchemist to be tortured for information. Once you accuse him of hiring an assassin, he denies it, and then flees knowing the Green Lady is coming for him.
Harrani will ask you to stop the Green Lady from pursuing and killing Ulondil, as it is merely an act of revenge and there has been enough bloodshed and they need to find out more about this mysterious Tempest. When you reach Ulondil and the Green Lady again in the embassy, you have a choice: let her kill him slowly, or stop her from killing him.

Should you let her kill him, you will find out nothing about the Tempest, and Harrani will be saddened.
If you stop the Green Lady, Ulondil will be taken into custody and, when you report back to Harrani, she will say that he told them more about the Tempest.

Regardless of your choice, you will receive a piece of armor: the Queen’s Own Cuirass. Then, a Khajiit named Zaeri will run up and ask to speak with you about conflict at Cat’s Eye Quay.

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