The Elder Scrolls Online: Aldmeri Dominion – Skill Point Quests – Auridon – Lluvamir

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Lluvamir is the southern region of Auridon. It extends from the port city of Vulkhel Guard up to just past Phaer and Glister Vale in the north. The Lluvamir Dolmen sits in the southwestern area, northwest of Vulkhel Guard. The region of Calambar is to the north.

You will need to complete the quests in order from 1 – 5; the quest givers are marked on the maps below. Sometimes the skill point is awarded before all of the quests in the zone are finished, but the remaining quests need to be completed because they are prerequisites for the next questing zone. Once you have completed Rites of the Queen in the Lluvamir questing zone, you will be rewarded a skill point.

1. Ensuring Security
2. A Hostile Situation
3. To Tanzelwil
4. In the Name of the Queen
5. Rites of the Queen (Skill Point)

Lluvamir Questing Zone

Vulkhel Guard: Lluvamir

Auridon: Lluvamir

1. Ensuring Security
Quest Giver: Watch Captain Astanya, Watchwoman Cirtelcare, Watchwoman Mandalime, Watchman Yannodil, Watchman Vinenoldil
Location(s): Vulkhel Guard
Reward: 91 Gold
Recommended Level: 3

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Watch Captain Astanya.
  2. Help both Advisor Norion and Steward Eminwe patch holes in Vulkhel Guard’s security.
  3. Return to Astanya, then find Watchman Heldil.
  4. Enter the suspect’s house and witness the confrontation.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Once you arrive in Vulkhel Guard, head to Watch Captain Astanya. If you have already stopped the Maormer attack on Khenarthi’s Roost, tell her about it and she will promise to inform those who need to know. Regardless, she will then ask for your name as part of security precaution. When you ask if she needs help, she tells you to assist Advisor Norion and Steward Eminwe, as the guard has its hands full right now. You can help them in any order.

Eminwe is in a warehouse, busily checking over all of the food in storage, and tells you that two of the chefs preparing food for the queen’s feast fell ill after working with some of the ingredients. Check over the side warehouses for any infected food. Eventually, you will come across a container with poisoned meat in it. As you leave the warehouse, you may be attacked by a Heritance Soldier, who will command you to “Hold it right there!” After defeating the enemy, show the poisoned meat to Eminwe, who is relieved, but still believes it was simply a test. If you mention your attacker, she will simply claim it must’ve been a common cutpurse looking to steal cargo. She will tell you to save the meat to show to Astanya, and will direct you on to Advisor Norion at the west end of the docks.

Upon locating Norion standing outside a large warehouse, he will tell you that a burglar sneaked into the warehouse to steal marine deployment plans for the speech that the queen is planning to make in the near future. Enter alone to witness an assassin murdering the burglar and then disappearing. Collect the plans, which are lying on the ground near the corpse, and show them to Norion, telling him about what you saw. He is unconcerned about it all and directs you towards Astanya, excusing himself to find the queen.

Once you have sufficient evidence of a violent plot, bring it to the watch captain. She will cut you short, directing you towards a new development: A wanted Altmer with valuable information has walled himself inside a house, threatening to kill himself should anyone approach. Since you’re not actually part of the guard, you should attempt to negotiate with him, allowing the guard to sneak in behind you.

Convince Fasion to let you in. He is aware from the start that the guard plans to use you as a distraction, but uses the little time he has to tell you that Captain Astanya is the danger to the queen, not him. He says she’s part of a group called the Veiled Heritance, and bribed guards to help with her plot to assassinate the queen. He begs you to inform Queen Ayrenn of this danger to her life.

At this point, Watchman Heldil and Watchwoman Faritaale will enter the building. Faritaale incapacitates Fasion, and Heldil congratulates you for your work, assuring you that Fasion will receive a fair trial. Now, you can finally take your evidence to Astanya without distractions.

2. A Hostile Situation
Quest Giver: Watchman Heldil
Location(s): Vulkhel Guard
Reward: Queensguard Greaves + 85 Gold
Recommended Level: 4

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Speak with Watch Captain Astanya.
  2. Meet with Razum-dar and follow his instructions.
  3. Find Battlereeve Urcelmo.
  4. Kill the assassin.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Find Watch Captain Astanya to ask her a question. She interrupts you, placing you under arrest for plotting to kill the queen—and you’ve got poisoned meat and secret documents on you, enough evidence to prove to others that you’re up to no good! She knocks you out, taking you to the prison.

Once you wake up, you’ll notice Fasion lying near you, dead, in the cell. Razum-dar calls out to you, revealing himself to be an agent of Queen Ayrenn. He says he was good friends with both Astanya and Fasion, but never expected Astanya would do this. He lets you out of the cell, directing you to warn the queen and her Battlereeve about the assassination plot.

Find your way out of the prison and go to the market to find Eshaba, another agent working as a merchant. Request a souvenir of the First Marines. She’ll tell you to check the chest behind her, which contains a Vulkhel Guard Marine Disguise to help you enter the temple area without incident.

Don the outfit, get past the guards, and speak with Battlereeve Urcelmo about the danger. He informs you that everything is under control, thanks to Captain Astanya, and he doubts your claims. The queen herself, having overheard the conversation, wanders over and requests that you follow through with your investigation on Astanya and check out the temple.

When you enter the temple with Urcelmo, Astanya appears on the second level, sending assassins against you. After all six are defeated (attacking two at a time), she will come down to fight you herself. Once she’s dead, return to the queen, who is disappointed that Astanya really was behind the plot. She asks if you would like to become an elite agent, and requests that you meet her at Tanzelwil, a ruin to the north.

It’s possible to skip the disguise section by entering the temple area through the Vulkhel Guard Outlaws Refuge.

3. To Tanzelwil
Quest Giver: Queen Ayrenn
Location(s): Vulkhel Guard, Tanzelwil
Reward: 23 Gold
Recommended Level: 5

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Travel to Tanzelwil.
  2. Talk to Prince Naemon.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

On the queen’s orders, go to Tanzelwil. This ruin is to the northwest of Vulkhel Guard, a fair walk. If you’re following the road you’ll run right into the queen’s entourage, which is stopped just outside Tanzelwil. Find and talk to Prince Naemon to finish the quest and begin In the Name of the Queen.

4. In the Name of the Queen
Quest Giver: Queen Ayrenn
Location(s): Tanzelwil
Reward: 114 Gold
Recommended Level: 8

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Queen Ayrenn near Tanzelwil.
  2. Defend the priestesses at the northern and western ritual sites.
  3. Return to Queen Ayrenn.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Prince Naemon fears his sister, Queen Ayrenn will be injured or killed while performing an ancient ritual. He asks you to ensure she survives.

The queen is outside the ruins, Tanzelwil, to the west. As she prays at the altar, you are attacked by a mysterious spirit.

“We call upon our honored ancestors to pass on their memory and wisdom.”—Queen Ayrenn

“Your ancestors disavow you, false one. The Veiled Queen is the rightful heir, and Norion shall end your reign.”

“My queen, look out!”—Battlereeve Urcelmo

The queen asks you to protect two priestesses while they perform their parts of the ceremony.

Assisting the Priestesses
Aid the Priestess at the Western Ritual Site
To the west, you find Priestess Aranwen sitting on the ground inside a blue circle. She says a spirit named Colonwe is trying to kill her.

Defeat the spirit named Colanwe to the right of the priestess. Priestess Aranwen will run past you and begin the ritual.

“You did it! Now I must perform the ritual. May the spirits of our ancestors bless and guide us. May we honor their memories with out actions and thoughts.”—Priestess Aranwen

“The ancients bless you for your prayers.”

Aid the Priestess at the Northern Ritual Site
Defeat the ghosts around the ritual site.

Priestess Monaste will start the ritual, and she receives a blessing from the ancestors.
However, after she receives the blessing, two more enemies attack.

The priestess prays at a second shrine, receives a blessing and completes the ritual.

Return to the Queen
The queen is at the western end of Tanzelwil, near the entrance to the ancient tombs. Talk to her to receive 114 gold.

5. Rites of the Queen
Quest Giver: Queen Ayrenn
Location(s): Inner Tanzelwil
Reward: Eaglebanner Longbow + 114 Gold + 1 Skill Point
Recommended Level: 8

– Detailed Walkthrough –

You insist on accompanying Queen Ayrenn as she completes a ritual inside Tanzelwil. She asks you for your help defeating Norion.

Inside Inner Tanzelwil, follow Queen Ayrenn and defeat the enemies that appear. In order to open a door, Queen Ayrenn destroys the dark crystal by the door, while you destroy the guardian crystal to the east.

The Ancestral Chamber
Inside the Ancestral Chamber, you help Queen Ayrenn defeat Norion. Ayrenn cannot die, but she can be wounded and stop fighting for a short time. Norion summons ghosts to help him fight you, as well.

After he is defeated, Queen Ayrenn prays at the altar and completes the ritual. She receives the blessing of the ancestors.

She thanks you outside the ruin and gives you Eaglebanner Longbow and 114 gold.

Continue to the next Auridon skill point questing zone, Calambar.

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