The Elder Scrolls Online: Aldmeri Dominion Skill Point Quests – Grahtwood – Long Coast

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The Long Coast is the southern region of Grahtwood. It includes the cities of Haven and Southpoint. The Long Coast Dolmen sits roughly halfway between them, and slightly to the north. The regions of Tarlain Heights and Green Hall form the northern border.

You will need to complete the quests in order from 1 – 4; the quest givers are marked on the maps below. Sometimes the skill point is awarded before all of the quests in the zone are finished, but the remaining quests need to be completed because they are prerequisites for the next questing zone. Once you have completed The Grip of Madness in the Long Coast questing zone, you will be rewarded a skill point.

Long Coast
1. The Great Tree
2. The Honor of the Queen
3. Fit to Rule
4. The Grip of Madness (Skill Point)

Long Coast Questing Zone

Firsthold: Long Coast

Elden Root: Long Coast

Grahtwood: Long Coast

1. The Great Tree
Quest Giver: Queen Ayrenn in Firsthold
Location(s): Skywatch, Vulkhel Guard, Elden Root
Reward: King Camoran’s Boon + 169 Gold
Recommended Level: 16

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Captain Jimila in Skywatch.
  2. Talk to Captain Jimila on the Prowler in Vulkhel Guard.
  3. Talk to King Camoran Aeradan in the Elden Root Throne Room.

2. The Honor of the Queen
Quest Giver: King Camoran Aeradan
Location(s): Elden Root, The Middens
Reward: Ear of the Queen + 362 Gold
Recommended Level: 19

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Prince Naemon in the Elden Root Throne Room.
  2. Talk to Ambassador Tarinwe in the Altmer Embassy.
  3. Find a way to get inside the storeroom.
  4. Examine the supplies.
  5. Talk to Prince Naemon.
  6. Search the ruins for evidence of the workers.
  7. Talk to Azareth.
  8. Meet Azareth outside the Middens.
  9. Arrest the traitor.
  10. Talk to King Camoran Aeradan.
  11. Talk to Prince Naemon.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

According to King Camoran Aeradan, Queen Ayrenn promised to build an embassy for the Khajiit last year, but no embassy has been built. He suggests you ask Prince Naemon why the Altmer didn’t build the embassy.

Prince Naemon is standing in front of the southern table in the Elden Root Throne Room. He says Ambassador Tarinwe of the Altmer Embassy was supposed to handle everything. However, he is still upset that you killed his wife. You can persuade him to put his personal feelings aside, if you have the Persuasion Perk from the Mages Guild skill tree. He sends you to talk to Ambassador Tarinwe, as he is busy preparing for the ratification ceremony.

The Altmer Embassy
The embassy is south of the entrance to Elden Root. Exit the grant-oak, and follow the path to the right. Go up the stairs and past the Aldmeri Dominion banners. Ambassador Tarinwe is in the center building. As you draw close to the entrance, you see some disgruntled Khajiit in a stand-off with two Aldmeri Dominion soldiers.

Enter the embassy building. Tarinwe is upstairs.

“If they’re too busy to build their own embassy, can’t they afford an inn?” —Ambassador Tarinwe

She says she hired some Wood Elves to excavate stones and set aside building supplies for the Khajiit to use. However, the Khajiit didn’t even pick up the supplies in the storeroom. She leaves to find Prince Naemon.

The Storeroom
The storeroom is to the right of the Altmer Embassy and is guarded by Corporal Malin. He won’t let anyone in without written orders from the ambassador.

There are four ways to get him to leave. First, you can bribe or intimidate him, if you have the gold or the intimidation perk. Second, you can cause a distraction by getting the Khajiit to riot (a side quest you can pick up near the front of the embassy building), or by lighting a fire.

Once inside the storeroom, search the food sack and the supply crate. The supplies are useless.
Leave the storeroom, and talk to Prince Naemon who walks up to you. He didn’t see the ambassador, but he tells you to search for the work crew.

The Ruins
The work crew are in the ruins to the north of the Altmer Embassy. Search the body of the Wood Elf Worker and the broken cart. Both were hit repeatedly with an axe.

Azareth, a Vinedusk Ranger, appears. He is at the ruins on behalf of the king, who was suspicious about the missing work crew. The king suspects Ambassador Tarinwe. She used criminals to smuggle supplies and may have had the stonemasons killed. However, the Vinedusk Rangers can’t do anything when she is in the Altmer Embassy. You tell him that she left the embassy, and Azareth asks you to meet him at the Middens. He thinks she will try to flee Grahtwood.

The Middens
The Middens are at the base of the grant-oak, east of the ruins.

When you arrive, Azareth will run up to meet you. He knows Ambassador Tarinwe is inside. He wants you to help capture her for questioning.

The ambassador is in the pit, the last area to search. She is in a tent in the northeast corner of the room. Once you start the attack, she will cover as you attack her two guards.

“You’re coming with me.”

“Why? Where are you taking me?”

“To King Camoran Aeradan where you’ll answer for your crimes against the Dominion.”

“He’ll have me killed and served for dinner.”

“Only if you’re proven guilty. And if you are, none of us could stomach it.”

You return to the Elden Root Throne Room and talk to King Camoran. He “allows you the honor” of telling Prince Naemon one of his own was a spy.

He reluctantly thanks you. He plans to interrogate the ambassador, and then she will be killed. He gives you the Ear of the Queen, an amulet, and 362 gold.

3. Fit to Rule
Quest Giver: Prince Naemon in Elden Root
Location(s): Reliquary of Stars, Falinesti Winter Site, Southpoint
Reward: 181 Gold
Recommended Level: 19

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Meleras.
  2. Find an operator, divine spark and Ayleid source of power. Complete The Grip of Madness, A Lasting Winter, Lost in Study and Heart of the Matter.
  3. Return to Meleras in the Elden Root Throne Room.

4. The Grip of Madness
Quest Giver: Soldier Garion, Captain Elonthor
Location(s): Southpoint, Cathedral of the Golden Path
Reward: Sheogorath’s Choice + 386 Gold + 1 Skill Point
Recommended Level: 19

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Captain Elonthor.
  2. Talk to Daraneth and find the missing scouts.
  3. Distract the bears.
  4. Get into the laboratory.
  5. Enter the cathedral.
  6. Confront the mayor.
  7. Escape the catacombs.
  8. Confront the mayor again.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

City Under Quarantine
When you approach Southpoint, Soldier Garion runs out to stop you from entering the village. The city’s inhabitants are under quarantine because they are killing each other in the streets. She says Captain Elonthor may need help evacuating survivors.

Captain Elonthor is on the road outside of town. He sent three scouts into the city to investigate, but none have returned. He refuses to send anyone else inside until he knows what happened to his scouts. You offer to find out what happened to them. He refers you to an “eccentric” Southpoint citizen who also volunteered to help the scouts, Daraneth. He suggests you speak to her with respect because she has an important position in Elden Root. After he tells you where Daraneth is, you can ask him three questions about the situation in Southpoint. He hints at other quests in the Gray Mire and Falinesti Winter Site if you ask him why the guard is spread so thin.

“Strange reports arrived in Elden Root a week ago. Little things, people acting oddly. But when a Southpoint guard delivered his own severed tongue to the Altmer Embassy, someone noticed. If we weren’t spread so thin, we’d have been here earlier.”—Captain Elonthor

The Eccentric Inhabitants of Southpoint
Daraneth walks past the tents behind Elonthor once you finish talking to him.

“Did Captain Elonthor send you to mock me? Did you come to tell me I don’t know the work of a Daedric Prince when I see one?”

She believes the swift onset of madness could only be caused by Sheogorath.

Finding the Scouts
You can enter the city through a break in the wall behind Elonthor. The scouts are in three different houses inside the city.

The closest house to the entrance is Vylie’s House. You and Daraneth search the house but find no scout. You can talk to Vylie, however. She mentions a “new mayor” who is “cleaning things up.” She believes the people killing each other in the streets are simply part of the “cleaning brigade.” She says the mayor told them not to leave until the city is entirely clean. The people who disobey the mayor are thrown into the catacombs, and the mayor has declared Southpoint is no longer part of the Dominion.

The Southpoint Inn is west of Vylie’s House, just to the right of it when you leave. Go up the stairs to enter. There are no scouts here either. You can talk to Ennis, who claims he is making beds for the Eight Divines. He saw the mayor promise the scouts’ hearts to the Wood Elves.

The final house, Pixet’s House, is to the south. Lieutenant Hervarion is tied up in the corner.

“It’s not time yet! The mayor said you can’t eat me until dinner!”

We’re here to free you, not eat you.

Hervarion says the mayor turned the other two scouts into bears and decided the townspeople should have him for dinner. The mayor locked himself in the cathedral behind a magical barrier. You untie Lieutenant Hervarion, and he runs off to speak to the Captain.

Bear Hunting and Daraneth’s Scroll
Talk to Daraneth. She believes she can reverse the mayor’s magic and turn the bears back into scouts. However, she needs you to be the bait—distract them while she casts the spell. After you help her deal with the bears, she will find a scroll in her basement laboratory that will unseal the cathedral.

One bear is in the tower south of Pixet’s House. You only need to fight for a few seconds, then the bear will turn back into a scout. The second scout, Scout Malvir, is to the north by the water.

Daraneth’s house is across the water. When you enter, a storm appears inside the house, causing area of effect lightning damage if you aren’t careful. Talk to Daraneth outside her house. She thinks someone conjured this storm from the highest point in town, besides the cathedral—the old Colovian tower.

Climb the wooden docks and head to the tower, while avoiding the lightning. At the top of the tower is Rufinus. You can choose to push him off the tower and kill him, or try to discuss the situation. However, after you try to talk about it the first time, you will need the Persuasion Perk to convince him to stop. If you do not have this perk, you will have to push him off the tower to complete the quest. If you persuade him, he realizes pushing people away is the source of his problems. He is knocked down by lightning, but survives.

Return to Daraneth’s house and open the door on the ground to the laboratory. Take the Old Scroll from the desk, then head to the cathedral. Use the scroll on the cathedral door, then enter the Cathedral of the Golden Path.

The Mayor of Southpoint
Once you enter the cathedral, Daraneth will begin talking to Mayor Aulus. He says Sheogorath promised him power and respect but cursed his tongue. Sheogorath pops out of Daraneth. Now that Sheogorath is offering to take away his gift, Mayor Aulus pleads to keep it. Sheogorath is convinced and uses some kind of purple spell on you, and you black out.

You awaken in a cell with Daraneth. She says she recognized the signs, but Sheogorath was in her laboratory waiting for her. The only way to save Southpoint is to kill Mayor Aulus or convince Sheogorath to take him back to Oblivion.

Sheogorath appears outside the cell. He thinks you trying to kill the mayor should motivate Aulus. He agrees to leave if Aulus defeats you.

Escape the Catacombs
You need to find a way out. The door to your cell is now open. If you saved Rufinus, he will be sitting on the ground. He offers to use the last of his lightning to defeat the mayor and demands to accompany you.

Bridge Puzzles
The First Bridge
Head west to the door to the Central Catacombs. As you approach the bridge, Sheogorath appears in a cloud of purple butterflies and raises the bridge. In order to lower the bridge, you need to enter the East Sepulcher. The lever is at the south end of the room.

The Second Bridge
Pull the lever, head back and cross the bridge. However, Sheogorath raises the next bridge. Talk to him. You can choose to fight his friend (a Daedroth named Free Will) or pull another lever.

In the cathedral, he and Sheogorath will speak first. Talk to Aulus. If you have the Intimidation Perk, you can convince him to go back to Oblivion with Sheogorath. Otherwise, you will have to keep your deal with Sheogorath and kill Aulus.

Talk to Sheogorath. He gives you Sheogorath’s Choice and 386 gold then leaves.

Continue to the next Grahtwood skill point questing zone, Green Hall.

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