The Elder Scrolls Online: Aldmeri Dominion Skill Point Quests – Malabal Tor – Broken Coast

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The Broken Coast is the western region of Malabal Tor. The port city of Velyn Harbor sits on the west coast, and the tree city of Falinesti can be found here in the Summer. The Broken Coast Dolmen lies on an island off the coast on the eastern edge of the region. It is bordered on the east by the Xylo River Basin.

You will need to complete the quests in order from 1 – 4; the quest givers are marked on the maps below. Sometimes the skill point is awarded before all of the quests in the zone are finished, but the remaining quests need to be completed because they are prerequisites for the next questing zone. Once you have completed Reap What Is Sown in the Broken Coast questing zone, you will be rewarded a skill point.

Broken Coast
1. House and Home
2. One Fell Swoop
3. The Drublog of Dra’bul
4. Reap What Is Sown (Skill Point)

Broken Coast Questing Zone

Malabal Tor: Broken Coast

1. House and Home
Quest Giver: Lieutenant Ehran
Location(s): Velyn Harbor
Reward: 231 Gold
Recommended Level: 32

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Rescue four civilians in Velyn Harbor.
  2. Talk to Sergeant Linaarie near the forge.
  3. Talk to Lieutenant Ehran east of Velyn Harbor.
  4. Blow the signal horn at the gate.
  5. Talk to Lieutenant Ehran.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Talk to Lieutenant Ehran at the entrance to Velyn Harbor. He says a Redguard force and a group of Wood Orcs, known as the Drublog, attacked the city at the same time. He tells you to rescue civilians from the Trade Hall and the Mages Guild and tell them to gather at the Fighters Guild barracks.

There are four civilians to rescue. Half are in the Mages Guild, which is at the north end of the city, and half are in the Trade Hall, which is in the west side. Inside the trade hall, there is one person on the ground floor, hiding in a bedroom, and one person upstairs. In the Mages Guild, one person is upstairs, and the other is on the main level.

Sergeant Linaarie is south of the forge. She congratulates you, but she also says Lieutenant Ehran has gone off looking for the captain. You need to talk to him.

Lieutenant Ehran is east of the city. He says the Fists of the Thalmor need to alert the rest of the Broken Coast. You will have to clear the road, then blow a signal horn to let the runners know it is safe. Go to the gate and use the horn. Next, you need to return to the Lieutenant’s headquarters.

Lieutenant Ehran is inside a ruined house in the center of the area. He is fatally wounded, but the militia has arrived.

2. One Fell Swoop
Quest Giver: Sergeant Linaarie
Location(s): Velyn Harbor
Reward: Vest of Long Sight + 231 Gold
Recommended Level: 32

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Kill Chief Makhug in the town hall.
  2. Talk to Sergeant Linaarie at the bridge.
  3. Burn three Ra Gada supplies in the warehouse district.
  4. Talk to Sergeant Linaarie at the docks.
  5. Kill the Ra Gada captain inside the lighthouse.
  6. Talk to Sergeant Linaarie.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Talk to Sergeant Linaarie east of Velyn Harbor. She asks you to kill the Drublog who killed Lieutenant Ehran. It was the leader of the Drublog, Chief Makhug. She thinks he is in the town hall.

The town hall is the building northeast of the ruined house. The chief is upstairs. Once you have killed him, you make your way to the northernmost bridge in the area.

Ending the Invasion
Sergeant Linaarie is waiting for you at the bridge. She needs you to distract the invaders at the docks, so she can get the militia into position. You need to head north to the warehouse district and set three of their supplies on fire.

The supplies look like crates and can be found in the two warehouses.

The Final Blow
Next, you need to go east to the docks. Once there, talk to the sergeant in front of the large building, the Vukhel Guard lighthouse. She says the Ra Gada captain is trapped in the lighthouse. She gives you the “honor” of killing him.

After you kill him, report back to Sergeant Linaarie. Her troops made an interesting discovery—the captain was found unharmed hiding beneath the docks.

The Captain’s Account
Captain Cularalda is underneath the docks to the southeast of the sergeant. She claims she was inspecting ships when the invaders arrived. She “organized a retreat and hid until reinforcements arrived.”

After listening to her story, you cross the eastern bridge to the warehouse district where Sergeant Linaarie is waiting for you. The captain is under arrest, but the Fists of the Thalmor have a lot of work to do before they will be able to protect the Green Lady.

3. The Drublog of Dra’bul
Quest Giver: The Green Lady in Velyn Harbor
Location(s): Dra’bul
Reward: 115 Gold
Recommended Level: 32

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to the Green Lady in Dra’bul.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Talk to the Green Lady in Velyn Harbor’s warehouse district.

“Honor to meet you—I’m the Green Lady. The, uh, the new one. I could use your help. The Drublog clan usually side with my people in times of war. We need to learn what changed.”

How do we do that?

“I’m going to Dra’bul, the Wood Orcs’ newest settlement. When you can I’d appreciate your help in Dra’bul.”

Dra’bul is east of Velyn Harbor. The Green Lady is in front of the entrance to Dra’bul.

4. Reap What Is Sown
Quest Giver: The Green Lady
Location(s): Dra’bul
Reward: Axe of the Houndslayer + 298 Gold + 1 Skill Point
Recommended Level: 34

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Collect a Drublog lock of hair.
  2. Talk to Chieftain Agrakh.
  3. Talk to the Green Lady.
  4. Eavesdrop on the Drublog shaman.
  5. Talk to Roku.
  6. Convince Shaman Glazulg to aid the Green Lady.
  7. Talk to Roku at the Arena.
  8. Destroy the binding totems.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Talk to the Green Lady east of the Dra’Bul Wayshrine. She wants to disguise you as a Drublog soldier. You need to collect a lock of hair from a Drublog champion.

Defeat a Drublog and take the lock of hair. Head north (east of Dra’bul) to talk to the Green Lady. Enter the Chieftain’s Longhouse and talk to Chieftain Agrakh. He refuses to trust you and doesn’t like the Green Lady’s snooping around.

Talk to the Green Lady. She wants you to find the shaman at the beach. She suspects the chieftain is waiting for something. You don the Drublog glamour automatically when you leave the longhouse.

Head northeast to the beach and use a crate near the tower to hide. You hear the shaman muttering about some candles and his distrust of someone the chieftain is communicating with.

Go to the top of the tower and relight the six candles. The Hound appears. Since you are in the Drublog disguise, you convince him to tell you his plan.

“The Green Lady must be detained until my arrival. I’ve given the materials you need for her bindings. She is not to be harmed, or else your tribe will pay in blood. Velyn Harbor is but the first gift. The conquest of a hundred cities await, if my will is done.”

Talk to Roku, who is standing at the top of the stairs. She knows you aren’t a Drublog; you’re a friend of the Green Lady like she is. However, the Green Lady has already been captured. She asks you to talk to her father, Shaman Glazulg, who made the trap.

Talk to the shaman. Whether you have the Persuasion Perk or not, you are able to convince him to help you, though he cannot go against his brother directly. He gives you a totem to siphon the energy from the Green Lady’s bonds.

Go to the Arena entrance, and talk to Roku.

Use the totem to destroy the four bonds before the shamans can replace them. You will be attacked while doing this. The Hound and the chieftain will appear just as you finish freeing the Green Lady.

“The Green Lady is mine by right. I have captured the Silvenar. You must yield to me!” —The Hound

Chieftain Agrakh attacks and kills Roku. You talk to the Green Lady outside the arena. She needs to face the Hound, to convince him to give up the Silvenar.

Continue to the next Malabal Tor skill point questing zone, Xylo River Basin.

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