The Elder Scrolls Online: Aldmeri Dominion Skill Point Quests – Malabal Tor – Silvenar Vale

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Silvenar Vale is the eastern region of Malabal Tor. It contains the eponymous city of Silvenar, as well as the Baandari Trading Post to the northeast. The area is heavily wooded, containing Deepwoods, Wilding Run and the Valeguard. The Silvenar Vale Dolmen lies up river of Silvenar Vale to the north. On the east is the Reaper’s March, while the Xylo River Basin borders on the west.

You will need to complete the quests in order from 1 – 3; the quest givers are marked on the maps below. Sometimes the skill point is awarded before all of the quests in the zone are finished, but the remaining quests need to be completed because they are prerequisites for the next questing zone. Once you have completed Restore the Silvenar in the Silvenar Vale questing zone, you will be rewarded a skill point.

Silvenar Vale
1. A Wedding to Attend
2. Restore the Silvenar (Skill Point)
3. The Dark Mane

Silvenar Vale Questing Zone

Malabal Tor: Silvenar Vale

1. A Wedding to Attend
Quest Giver: The Silvenar in Jathsogur
Location(s): Silvenar
Reward: 121 Gold
Recommended Level: 35

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Speak to the Silvenar in Silvenar.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

The Silvenar invites you to his wedding in Silvenar.

However, once you arrive, the Silvenar says the city is closed against him. The wards and guardians see him as hostile.

2. Restore the Silvenar
Quest Giver: The Silvenar
Location(s): Silvenar
Reward: The Hound’s Helm + 313 Gold + 1 Skill Point
Recommended Level: 37

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Scout Anglith.
  2. Retrieve six silver shards from the Houndsmen.
  3. Talk to Scout Anglith.
  4. Defeat the Guardian of Silvenar.
  5. Talk to the Silvenar’s projection.
  6. Question three Houndsman Bewitchers.
  7. Talk to the Silvenar’s Projection in the Great Tree.
  8. Free the three spinners by solving the puzzles or killing them.
  9. Defeat the Hound.
  10. Talk to the Green Lady.
  11. Watch the ceremony.
  12. Talk to Spinner Dothriel.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

The Silvenar suspects the Hound turned the three spinners against him. You need to collect six silver shards, embodiments of stories, from the Houndsmen for the Silvenar to be sure.

First, you talk to Scout Anglith southwest of the Silvenar. She tells you the Houndsmen are in the ravine. Once all six shards have been collected, you return to Scout Anglith. She says you need to defeat the Guardian of Silvenar, a spirit bound to the city’s wards. If you defeat it, the wards will be temporarily severed.

After you defeat the Guardian, a projection of the Silvenar appears. He senses the spinners are being held in the trees within the city. You need to learn about the spinners and their prisons to free them. You have to force the witches who bound them to tell you about the bindings and the locations of the spinners.

The Houndsman Bewitchers are the ones you need to question.

The Three Spinners
Spinner Einrel
She is the youngest of the three. She acted like she knew she would be taken. She is in her home.

“Her essence focuses on the future of the Bosmer people as she sees it. Naturally, she believes in the love between the Green Lady and the Silvenar breaking through the shadow of the Hound.”

Spinner Caerllin
He is a fighter, but the Hound bound him in his own home.

“The warrior-spinner focuses on the present. He sees a great battle with the Green Lady and the Hound to bring her to her true lord, the Silvenar. His bonds are tied to that sight.”

Spinner Dothriel
The Hound bound each of the spinners with their own strengths. Dothriel is the strongest of the three and possibly the oldest. She is also in her home. She predicts the Hound’s death.

“She lives in the past, patterns of ancient times replaying today.”

Free the Spinners
The Silvenar’s projection appears inside the center tree after you question three Houndsman Bewitchers. If you fail to solve a puzzle, the spinner’s spirit will appear. Killing the spirit will release the barrier, but it will also kill the spinner. He suggests looking around the homes for clues and reading the books.

All the homes surround the Great Tree. You should return after you have broken their bonds.

The clue for this puzzle is on a table to the right. The book is called The Time Is Past.
Press the Ritual, the Apprentice, then the Mage.

The clue to solving this puzzle is on a table to the left. Read the book called The Time Is Now.

Press the Lady, the Warrior, then the Lord to free him.

The clue to this puzzle is a scroll called The Time Will Come. It is on a table to the right.
Press the Lover, the Shadow, then the Tower.

Saving Silvenar
Go back to the Silvenar. He can now enter the city, but the Hound has enthralled the Green Lady’s spirit. You need to fight the Green Lady and the Hound in the audience hall.

The Silvenar will pull the Green Lady to him and remove the Hound’s minions. Once the Hound is finally defeated, talk to the Green Lady. She reveals the Hound was her good friend, Ulthorn. To complete the ceremony you need to find the Handfast. The spinners hid it somewhere in the city.

Scout Anglith knows where the Handfast is. She runs up and places it on the green altar.

The Ceremony
The Silvenar and the Green Lady kneel next to the Handfast while Spinner Dothriel speaks.

“By the blood we consume, by the hills and vales we protect, let the spirit of the Silvenar and the body of the Green Lady become as one. Before Y’ffre and those gathered for this celebration, and those that came before and will come after, be joined.” — Spinner Dothriel

Talk to Spinner Dothriel after the ceremony ends to receive The Hound’s Helm and 313 gold.

3. The Dark Mane
Quest Giver: Lord Gharesh-ri in Silvenar
Location(s): Fort Grimwatch
Reward: 125 Gold
Recommended Level: 37

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri outside the Silvenar’s Audience Hall.
  2. Go to Fort Grimwatch.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Upon leaving the Silvenar’s Audience Hall, you will find a familiar face: Lord Gharesh-ri, Speaker for Mane Akkhuz-ri. The Mane was on his way to the wedding with his entourage when he suddenly started attacking them with some kind of dark magic. Then, he disappeared. Gharesh-ri needs your help finding the Mane and figuring out what is wrong with him.

The gate to Reaper’s March is just to the east of the Baandari Trading Post. There is a wayshrine a short distance past that, where the road curves north towards Fort Grimwatch.

Follow the road and you will find Englor standing just outside the fort, awaiting reinforcements. Talk to him to end the quest and start Grim Situation.

Continue to the next Reaper’s March skill point questing zone, Northern Woods.

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