The Elder Scrolls Online: Ancestor Silk

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Clothing Materials
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Ancestor Silk is a dark red plant found in Wrothgar and Cyrodiil. When picked, a node yields three to four samples of the raw material, Raw Ancestor Silk. Once ten raw samples are collected, they can be refined into seven to ten Ancestor Silk. Ancestor silk is used for crafting pieces of light ancestor silk armor at any clothing station. Due to the scaling of nodes in battle-leveled zones, characters will not see any Ancestor Silk nodes until their Tailoring ability is at least rank 10 or their level is at least Champion Points150.

Ancestor Silk

Raw Raw Ancestor Silk Raw Ancestor Silk
Refined Ancestor Silk Ancestor Silk
Armor Weapons Levels
Ancestor Silk N/A Champion Points150 – 160
Number of Refined Ancestor Silk Pieces Needed for Creating
Armor Level
Ancestor Silk Robe/Jerkin Ancestor Silk Shoes Ancestor Silk Gloves Ancestor Silk Hat Ancestor Silk Breeches Ancestor Silk Epaulets Ancestor Silk Sash Total
Champion Points150 15 13 13 13 14 13 13 94
Champion Points160 150 130 130 130 140 130 130 940
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