The Elder Scrolls Online: Blacksmithing – Temper Expertise

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Temper Expertise I: Increases the chances of improving items with Tempers.
Temper Expertise II: Greatly increases the chances of improving items with Tempers.
Temper Expertise III: More than doubles the chances to improve items with Tempers.

Temper Expertise Temper Expertise
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 10
Rank II 25
Rank III 40

Temper Expertise increases your chances of improving Blacksmithing items with tempers.

Improvement chances per temper and number of tempers needed for 100% chance are as follows:

Temper Base Chance Temper Expertise I Temper Expertise II Temper Expertise III
Chance 100% Chance 100% Chance 100% Chance 100%
Honing Stone
Honing Stone 20.0% 5 30.0% 4 40.0% 3 50.0% 2
Dwarven Oil
Dwarven Oil 15.0% 6 22.5% 5 30.0% 4 37.5% 3
Grain Solvent
Grain Solvent 10.0% 10 15.0% 6 20.0% 5 25.0% 4
Tempering Alloy
Tempering Alloy 5.0% 20 7.5% 14 10% 10 12.5% 8
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