The Elder Scrolls Online: Cadwell’s Almanac – Breaking Fort Virak

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Fort Virak Quests
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Fort Virak is a fort in northwestern Stonefalls. The fort is besieged by Covenant soldiers and zombies.

Stonefalls: Fort Virak

Stonefalls: Fort Virak Ruin

#14. Breaking Fort Virak
Zone: Stonefalls
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Cadwell's Almanac Fort Virak — Repel Covenant forces from Fort Virak.
Quest Giver: Sergeant Gjorring
Location(s): Fort Virak, Fort Virak Ruin
Prerequisite Quest: The Coral Heart
Previous Quest: To Fort Virak
Next Quest: Evening the Odds
Reward: 182 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Garyn Indoril.
  2. Kill and inspect three Covenant soldiers.
  3. Bring the evidence to Garyn.
  4. Unlock the door in the catacombs with the help of Walks-in-Ash’s transformation potion.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Sergeant Gjorring sends you to Garyn Indoril who is leading the charge to take back the fort. Garyn is in the command tent east of the sergeant.

Garyn asks you to inspect the fallen bodies of Covenant troops for anything suspicious. The front lines are to the north. On the way there, you may notice zombies mixed into the Covenant troops. You find old bandages, a putrid eye, and a necrotic hand on three of the dead soldiers. You return with the evidence to Garyn. The Covenant is raising its dead soldiers to continue fighting.

To stop this, you join Walks-in-Ash in Fort Virak Ruin. Because you are missing your soul, you are able to use an elixir her grandfather created to pass through the Fort Virak catacombs and end the siege. However, you need to avoid the ghosts inside the ruin, and unlock the door first.

Return to Walks-in-ash, who tells you her soldiers are attacking the fort. She gives you some gold.

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