The Elder Scrolls Online: Cadwell’s Almanac – Shattered Hopes

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Honrich Tower Quests
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Honrich Tower is a ruined lakeside tower in the central Rift, southeast of Nimalten.

The Rift: Honrich Tower

The Rift: Arcwind Point

#15. Shattered Hopes
Zone: The Rift
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Cadwell's Almanac Honrich Tower — Help King Jorunn defeat the Worm Cult at Honrich Tower.
Quest Giver: Scout Fenrir on the west road; Scout Jaga on the east road; Jorunn the Skald-King in the main camp
Location(s): Honrich Tower, Arcwind Point
Previous Quest: To Honrich Tower
Next Quest: A Giant in Smokefrost Peaks
Concurrent Quest: Soldier Down
Reward: Wormwood Staff + High Leveled Gold + 1 Skill Point

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Jorunn the Skald-King.
  2. Talk to Valdur.
  3. Close the portals to Coldharbour.
  4. Confront Thallik Wormfather at the central ruin.
  5. Find Captain Hrosta at Arcwind Point.
  6. Open the tomb.
  7. Defeat Thallik Wormfather.
  8. Talk to Hakra.
  9. Talk to King Jorunn.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

On your way to Honrich Tower, you see Scout Fenrir along the road. He greets you, the King’s Arrow, and tells you that King Jorunn is in the camp up the road. The Worm Cultists are apparently moving in toward them.

The King is close to the way shrine, holding council with the Companion’s spirits.

“Valdur told me of your deeds at Taarengrav. Now our heroes have gathered, and we will need all of you to beat these damn Worms and take back what is ours!”

What’s the Worm Cult doing here?

“Building an army of Daedra! Worse, their leader, Thallik Wormfather—the bastard stole Ysgramor’s axe, Wuuthrad. And he roused the ghost giant, Sinmur!”

Sounds like it’s going to be quite a battle.

“Many have gone to Sovngarde today, and many more will follow unless we close those portals and stop Thallik Wormfather. No ordinary soldier can deal with this. For this task, I need you.”

He tells you to speak to Valdur before you leave. You can ask the king about rallying the people at the Tower and his plan for the troops. He regrets not defeating the cult sooner and wants to attack them at the base at Arcwind Point after this assault. His troops won’t be able to help out until you close the portals. Right now, they are only containing the Daedra.

Valdur vows to retrieve Wuuthrad and says that Captain Hrosta will search for Wormfather while you close the portals. You must close four portals. If you have the Persuasion Perk, you can ask Valdur to fight alongside you, giving you not only the blessing of the Companions but a bit of their power as well. He will summon one of the Five Hundred Companions for you, since you have great need. You can choose a warrior, firemage or healer. Valor says something different depending on your chosen Companion. If you pick the firemage, he tells you that your new companion fought at the battle of Red Mountain and still sings the story in Sovngarde.

The four portals surround the small pond just outside the camp. There are a few powerful harvesters in this area, so be careful. The Daedric portals are in the ruined towers, are blue and black in color, and usually have several Daedra and Dremora guarding them.

Valdur’s spirit appears close to the last one you close and tells you to come to the central ruin. You see a portal to Arcwind Point and Valor’s spirit in the center of the rocks. He tells you to hurry, and you enter the portal and are whisked away to Arcwind Point.

Arcwind Point
Arcwind Point is a snowy place, where you can barely make out the high arcing traditional Nedic structure in the distance. As you search for Captain Hrosta, you see lots of Daedra and Dremora.

The captain is in the southern corner of this area. Go down the steps, then follow the left (south) path. You can sneak past most of the Daedra or walk further away from them, or you can choose to engage them in combat. Just be careful not too trigger too many groups at once.

You find another barrow, similar to Taarengrav, but this one has a strange whitish crystal with red runes beneath it. Talk to the captain near the barrow’s metal door.

“We thought we had Thallik Wormfather cornered, but those damn cultists put up a fierce fight. My soldiers were all killed … I am the only one left.”

Where did Thallik Wormfather go?

“He’s down below. He’s got Wuuthrad down there too. I worry about what he might be planning. I cannot get through the door though. It is bound by some horrid necromantic ward.”

Is there any way to break the ward?

“It requires a living sacrifice. Someone has to touch that gem over there in the ritual circle. They will die, but then the door will be opened. One of the cultists did it to open the door for Wormfather.”

There must be another way.

“No. There is no time. The door must be opened and you must go after Wormfather. I’ll make the sacrifice. It’s the right thing to do. It’ll ensure my place in Sovngarde at least.”

Couldn’t we sacrifice an enemy instead?

At this point you can decide if you want to trick one of the Reachmen, who the captain saw in a cage back near the portal, into touching the crystal or refuse to trick anyone into dying and let the captain sacrifice herself.

If you choose to trick a prisoner, climb the stairs out of the barrow and go north. You see Lesuin in a cage in the northeast corner of the map. He is a member of the tribe that attacked the Rift, and you can ask him why he was imprisoned. He claims the cultists imprisoned him because he refused to sacrifice a child who reminded him of his daughter. You can choose to lie to him and lead him to the crystal, or let him go home to his family (although this means the captain dies). If you let him go, he promises to live “a good life.”

Return to the crystal and observe the sacrifice. You are now able to access the tomb. Continue through the first hallway area to Sinmur’s Tomb.

Inside the tomb, you see a group of three Worm Cultists casting a ritual on the ghost of Sinmur. As you get closer, you can see Wuuthrad, glowing blue, in front of Sinmur.

“You can’t defeat me that easily.”—Thallik Wormfather

His spirit floats over to the upright sarcophagus and casts a spell to wake the draugr inside. After all the draugr have been defeated, Wormfather and Sinmur disappear, and Wuuthrad shatters. Hakra and Valdur appear, but they are too late. Talk to Hakra.

“Thallik is dead. Long live Sinmur, eh?”

What just happened?

“You saw the same thing I did. We stopped the ritual and you killed Thallik, but Wuuthrad shattered. Thallik used the remaining power of the axe to fuse with Sinmur.”

Can we put the axe back together?

You need to collect the haft of Wuuthrad, but first you return to the Tower through the portal. Talk to King Jorunn, who is just south of you. He thanks you for defeating Wormfather, even though he escaped, as you have just severely weakened the cult.

“Thanks to you, I now see victory on the horizon.”—King Jorunn

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