The Elder Scrolls Online: Cadwell’s Almanac – The Better of Two Evils

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Wittestadr Quests
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Wittestadr is a small settlement in central Eastmarch, south of Windhelm.

Eastmarch: Wittestadr

Wittestadr: Wittestadr Crypts

#17. The Better of Two Evils
Zone: Eastmarch
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Cadwell's Almanac Wittestadr — Solve the mystery of Wittestadr.
Quest Giver: Valeric
Location(s): Wittestadr, Wittestadr Crypts
Prerequisite Quest: A Right to Live
Concurrent Quest: Lifeline
Reward: Blood Mask + High Leveled Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Speak to Valeric after the conclusion of the previous quest.
  2. Exit the manor and listen to Tunus.
  3. Meet with Majorn the Ancient.
  4. Decide whether to aid Majorn or Valeric.
  5. Enter the crypts and defeat Majorn/Valeric.
  6. Return to the victor for your reward.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

When you approach Wittestadr, a woman will run up to you. It is Sena Aralor, who says she pushed “her” down to get away from the monsters. They were on their way back to Windhelm when they decided to take a shortcut. The monsters surrounded them, but suddenly more appear.

The monsters are bloodfiends. You have to kill the two of them that appear, then continue talking to Sena.

She asks you to save her friend, Imhey. She pushed her down near the hot springs in a desperate attempt to get away from the monsters.

Imhey is southeast of where you found Sena and east of the veteran area Ratmaster’s Prowl. However, there is a stranger confronting her. Talk to the stranger, Valeric, first. He says Imhey has been bitten—the Bloodfiends infected her with a “curse” that eventually leads to a craving for blood. He may have a way to cure her, but first he needs to get her out of the sun. He will take her back to his manor, and he needs you to find Bloodfiend Dust to heal her.

You can find Bloodfiend Dust from the bodies of dead Bloodfiends. You need to find five samples of the dust.

A Cure for Vampirism?
Once you have all five, go to Valeric’s Manor and talk to Valeric upstairs. He has locked Imhey up in a cage. You can give him the dust and try to cure her, refuse because she seems fine, or if you have the Intimidation Perk, tell him you’ll hunt him and his clan down if he’s lying. The Intimdation Perk option forces you to choose one of the first two options, however. He promises he only wants to help her and will protect her or teach her how to control her bloodlust.

Refusing to give her the cure starts The Better of Two Evils. Valeric lets her go. If you choose to give her the cure, Valeric says you made the right choice as she would have been trying to kill everyone within a week. Either way, Valeric believes this is the work of his father and The Better of Two Evils begins.

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