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The Elder Scrolls Online: Cadwell’s Almanac – The Siege of Cradlecrush

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Cradlecrush Quests
Strange AlliesThe Siege of Cradlecrush

Cradlecrush is a fort in western Eastmarch, north of Fort Amol.

Eastmarch: Cradlecrush

#10. The Siege of Cradlecrush
Zone: Eastmarch
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Cadwell's Almanac Cradlecrush — Destroy the Stormfist legion holding Cradlecrush.
Quest Giver: Aspera Giant-Friend
Location(s): Cradlecrush
Prerequisite Quest: Strange Allies
Next Quest: Sleeping on the Job
Reward: Giant-Friend + Average Leveled Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to the giant.
  2. Free the mammoths and open the gates.
  3. Talk to Aspera Giant-Friend at Cradlecrush Arena.
  4. Defeat the Orcs in the arena.
  5. Talk to Aspera.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Continue talking to Aspera Giant-Friend to start this quest.

“The notes you discovered suggest two weaknesses in the fort’s defenses—the gates and the captive mammoths. Once you get inside, you must free the mammoths to cause havoc and unlock the gates to let us in.”

Then what?

“Warlord Lob and his lieutenants have made the arena at the heart of Cradlecrush their headquarters. Use the horn there to sound our attack and strike fear into the invaders’ hearts!”

Free the mammoths, open the gates, and blow the horn. I’m on it.

“The giant near the natural wall, just behind me to the west, is ready to help you. Just give him a poke, and he’ll do the rest. We’ll launch our attack once you’re inside and we hear the signal.”

You can ask her more questions about the logistics of your tasks, if you want, or you can head west to the giant. Run up to the giant, and “talk” to him. This initiates a conversation where you poke the giant, he moves you in front of him, then kicks you over the wall.

You go flying, but land safely in a pool of water on the other side of the wall. Now, it’s time to cause chaos in the fort. You need to free four mammoths and use the gate switches. The mammoths are tied up and tend to be guarded by some Stormfists, and the switches are in stone towers near the wooden gates to the fort.

To the Arena
Once the mammoths are distracting the Stormfists and the gates are open, you need to go to the Cradlecrush arena. The arena is slightly north of the Cradlecrush icon on the map. Talk to Aspera, who is crouched in front of the door.

“You did well. Better than I or my master expected. Now, only one task remains.”

And what task is that?

“The warlord who leads these brigands, Lob the Cleaver. He’s inside, along with the deadly Orcs that are always at his side. They’re a nasty piece of work, the lot of them. Enter the arena and sound the horn. That will tell the giants it’s time.”

You can ask her if she will join you.

Care to join me?

“I think not. Such a path fits neither my role nor disposition. I am a friend, not a foe. Besides, this is your mission. I wouldn’t want to steal your glory. Blow the horn and the big folk will come. They’ll help you.”

If you ask her how she got to the arena so quickly, you be able to ask a follow up question about Lob’s minions. They are very fierce, but this is an arena to Malacath. Lob will be forced to abide by its rules when you blow the horn. His helpers will not attack you all at once.

You can ask her about her master.

You mentioned a master.

“You don’t get to know everything, mortal. Does that frustrate you? Just know that some grudges are ancient and some answers are beyond your understanding.”

Fighting in the Arena
Enter the Cradlecrush Arena once you are ready to fight. Use the Giant-Friend horn, and Lob and his minions appear.

“So, you must be the one causing so much trouble for my troops. Well, that ends here.”—Lob the Cleaver
First, you face Bormolg gro-Grush and Dumolg go-Grush. Next, you fight the group of three Orcs on the right side of the arena, a trio of archers who may summon Sabre cats. Once the three are down, regardless of if you are still fighting sabre cats, Lob will begin to fight you. “Sometimes you just have to do it yourself!”
—Lob the Cleaver

He duel-wields a pair of axes and is a tough boss, but defeat him and the rest of the Orcs will run off.

“Lob’s dead. Let’s go.”—Orcs

Exit the arena through the southern door, and talk to Aspera who now has two giants beside her.

“Welcome back, friend. You survived the challenge and helped the giants take back the stronghold. I couldn’t have asked for a better resolution to this situation. Well done!”

Lob the Cleaver is dead.

“I know. I felt his life force depart when you struck him down. Go in peace, Giant-Friend. You have earned our thanks.”

She gives you Giant-Friend and some gold, then disappears in a cloud of blue and gold light. You also receive the achievement, Giant-Friend.

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