The Elder Scrolls Online: Cadwell’s Almanac – The Veil Falls

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Errinorne Isle is a medium-sized island in central Auridon, just off the coast from the city of Skywatch.

The island has become a Veiled Heritance training ground, where new recruits are tested to determine their potential. Rumor has it that the Veiled Queen herself will appear on the island, within the ruins of The Veiled Keep.

A chapter of the book, Auridon Explored, can be found on the island. The island was used by the Ayleids as a shipping and warehouse complex for the city of Skywatch. When the sload invaded Auridon, they occupied the island, until a force of the All-Flags Navy finally destroyed them, along with most of the island’s buildings.

Auridon: Errinorne Isle

Auridon: Veiled Keep

#12. The Veil Falls
Zone: Auridon
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Cadwell's Almanac Skywatch — Help Razum-dar defeat the Veiled Heritance at Skywatch.
Quest Giver: Alandare
Location(s): The Veiled Keep
Prerequisite Quest: Wearing the Veil
Next Quest: To Dawnbreak
Reward: Queensguard Chestplate + 138 Gold + Skill Point

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Enter the Veiled Keep.
  2. Clear the first room.
  3. Activate the lock crystals in the second room.
  4. Defeat the Veiled Council in the third room.
  5. Return to Razum-dar in Skywatch.
  6. Warn Queen Ayrenn in Skywatch Manor.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Alandare sends you to watch the Veiled Queen speak.

You enter the Veiled Keep, but as you continue through, the leaders of the Veiled Heritance begin to suspect that someone is spying for Queen Ayrenn.

You see the projection of the Veiled Queen, who looks very familiar.

In the second room, you need to deactivate the lock crystals. While you do this, the Veiled Queen will appear and question you. She claims that with Mehrunes Dagon’s help she will rule Tamriel.

In the third room, you must defeat the Veiled Heritance leaders.

You return to Skywatch and speak to Razum-dar. You tell him that the Veiled Queen is High Kinlady Estre and the Queen is in danger.

You and Razum-dar interrupt the practice for the Festival, and you tell the Queen that Estre is leading the Veiled Heritance. She doesn’t believe you at first, but Estre disappears into a daedric portal. Queen Ayrenn gives you a reward for your investigation.

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