The Elder Scrolls Online: Cadwell’s Almanac – Windhelm’s Champion

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Windhelm Quests
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Windhelm is a city in northern Eastmarch.

Its port is frequented by ships from all over Tamriel.

Eastmarch: Windhelm

#3. Windhelm’s Champion
Zone: Eastmarch
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Cadwell's Almanac Windhelm — Keep the Nord celebration safe and sound.
Quest Giver: Thane Mera Stormcloak
Location(s): Windhelm
Prerequisite Quest: The Konunleikar
Next Quest: One Victor, One King
Reward: Low Leveled Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Find out where the assassins went.
  2. Follow the assassins.
  3. Collect the Stormfist Brigade Emblem and read Orders from Fildgor.
  4. Report to Thane Mera Stormcloak.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Thane Mera Stormcloak wants you to find the assassins responsible for Hadring the Swift’s death during the Footrace of the Nine Holds. She names you Justice Carl of Windhelm, which grants you the authority to deal with them.

If you helped Hadring the Swift, you will know that the assassins fled to the south. If you did not help Hadring during the previous quest, you will have to question witnesses. The witnesses are next to the Cold Moon Inn. Outside the crafting area is Turril Omalor. He is bored and doesn’t want to talk about what he saw. You will need the Intimidation Perk if you want him to talk.

The Assassin’s Camp
Once you know where the assassin went, you can try to find them. Head south out of Windhelm, over the bridge, towards the Kynesgrove Wayshrine. The camp is actually directly north of the wayshrine. A group of Stormfists should appear, and you should be prompted to collect the assassin’s orders and evidence.

Defeat and loot the assassins to get the Stormfist Brigade Emblem, which counts as collecting evidence. Next, go to the western tent, defeat the Stormfists there, then read Orders from Fildgor.

Return to Thane Mera. She realizes that Fildgor has returned to Skyrim and King Jorunn needs to be warned.

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