The Elder Scrolls Online: Clothing Materials

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Clothing Materials
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There are four types of materials involved in Clothing: Raw Materials, Processed Materials, Tannins, and Gems.

Raw Materials are the materials that can be found in the world on plants or wild animals. By themselves they cannot be used, but they may be refined into Processed Materials at any clothing station. Unlocking the “Plentiful Harvest” and “Master Gatherer” perks in the Lover Champion tree will also provide bonuses when harvesting. There is a small chance of producing tannins when refining raw materials. Plants are limited to certain zones and increase as the general zone level increases. Medium armor materials are linked to the level of the animal. Materials in battle-leveled zones are dependent on your level in Tailoring.

Processed Materials are used to make Light and Medium Armor.

Tannins can be used to improve existing light or medium armor.

Gems can be used to craft armor with traits, provided that trait has been researched on that piece.

Raw Materials

Light Armor
Plant Raw Material Refine Into
Jute Raw Jute Raw Jute Jute Jute
Flax Raw Flax Raw Flax Flax Flax
Cotton Raw Cotton Raw Cotton Cotton Cotton
Spidersilk Raw Spidersilk Raw Spidersilk Spidersilk Spidersilk
Ebonthread Raw Ebonthread Raw Ebonthread Ebonthread Ebonthread
Kreshweed Raw Kreshweed Raw Kreshweed Kresh Fiber Kresh Fiber
Ironweed Raw Ironweed Raw Ironweed Ironthread Ironthread
Silverweave Raw Silverweave Raw Silverweave Silverweave Silverweave
Void Bloom Raw Void Bloom Raw Void Bloom Void Cloth Void Cloth
Ancestor Silk Raw Ancestor Silk Raw Ancestor Silk Ancestor Silk Ancestor Silk
Medium Armor
Raw Material Refine Into
Rawhide Scraps Rawhide Scraps Rawhide Rawhide
Hide Scraps Hide Scraps Hide Hide
Leather Scraps Leather Scraps Leather Leather
Thick Leather Scraps Thick Leather Scraps Thick Leather Thick Leather
Fell Hide Scraps Fell Hide Scraps Fell Hide Fell Hide
Topgrain Hide Scraps Topgrain Hide Scraps Topgrain Hide Topgrain Hide
Iron Hide Scraps Iron Hide Scraps Iron Hide Iron Hide
Superb Hide Scraps Superb Hide Scraps Superb Hide Superb Hide
Shadowhide Scraps Shadowhide Scraps Shadowhide Shadowhide
Rubedo Hide Scraps Rubedo Hide Scraps Rubedo Leather Rubedo Leather

Processed Materials

Light Armor
Processed Material Craft Into
Jute Jute Homespun Armor
(Level 1-14)
Flax Flax Linen Armor
(Level 16-24)
Cotton Cotton Cotton Armor
(Level 26-34)
Spidersilk Spidersilk Spidersilk Armor
(Level 36-44)
Ebonthread Ebonthread Ebonthread Armor
(Level 46-50)
Kresh Fiber Kresh Fiber Kresh Armor
(Champion Points10 – 30)
Ironthread Ironthread Ironthread Armor
(Champion Points40 – 60)
Silverweave Silverweave Silverweave Armor
(Champion Points70 – 80)
Void Cloth Void Cloth Shadowspun Armor
(Champion Points90 – 140)
Ancestor Silk Ancestor Silk Ancestor Silk Armor
(Champion Points150 – 160)
Medium Armor
Processed Material Craft Into
Rawhide Rawhide Rawhide Armor
(Level 1-14)
Hide Hide Hide Armor
(Level 16-24)
Leather Leather Leather Armor
(Level 26-34)
Thick Leather Thick Leather Full-Leather Armor
(Level 36-44)
Fell Hide Fell Hide Fell Armor
(Level 46-50)
Topgrain Hide Topgrain Hide Brigandine Armor
(Champion Points10 – 30)
Iron Hide Iron Hide Ironhide Armor
(Champion Points40 – 60)
Superb Hide Superb Hide Superb Armor
(Champion Points70 – 80)
Shadowhide Shadowhide Shadowhide Armor
(Champion Points90 – 140)
Rubedo Leather Rubedo Leather Rubedo Leather Armor
(Champion Points150 – 160)


Tannin Effect
Hemming Hemming Improve quality from Normal to Fine.
Embroidery Embroidery Improve quality from Fine to Superior.
Elegant Lining Elegant Lining Improve quality from Superior to Epic.
Dreugh Wax Dreugh Wax Improve quality from Epic to Legendary.

In addition to clothing items, tannins are also used in Patterns for furnishings. Specifically:

  • Normal quality patterns do not require any Tannins.
  • Fine quality patterns require 9 Hemming.
  • Superior quality patterns require 6 Embroidery.
  • Epic quality patterns require 3 Elegant Lining.
  • Legendary quality patterns require 1 Dreugh Wax.

There are 9 gems used for clothing. These gems for armor and 9 others for weapons are also used in blacksmithing and woodworking.

Gem Trait Description
Quartz Quartz Sturdy Reduces Block cost.
Diamond Diamond Impenetrable Increases Critical Resistance and the item takes less Durability Damage.
Sardonyx Sardonyx Reinforced Increases this item’s Armor Value.
Almandine Almandine Well-Fitted Reduces the cost of Sprinting and Roll Dodging.
Emerald Emerald Training Increases Experience Gained from kills.
Bloodstone Bloodstone Infused Increase Armor Enchantment effect.
Garnet Garnet Prosperous Increases Gold from looting enemies.
Sapphire Sapphire Divines Increases Mundus Stone effects.
Fortified Nirncrux Fortified Nirncrux Nirnhoned Increases Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance.
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