The Elder Scrolls Online: Coldharbour – Haj Uxith

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The souls of Argonians are different from those of other races of Tamriel due to their deep, mystical connection to the Hist trees. Sorcerers who specialize in soul trapping have long sought some way to take advantage of this difference.

Haj Uxith is an Argonian village in southwestern Coldharbour, southwest of the Library of Dusk. It consists of several xanmeers situated around a Hist tree.

Haj Uxith
Wisdom of the Ages

Haj Uxith Questing Zone

Coldharbour: Haj Uxith

Wisdom of the Ages
Quest Giver: Treeminder Xohaneel on the road leading to Haj Uxith
Location(s): Haj Uxith
Reward: Hist Bark Hide + 572 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Treeminder Xohaneel.
  2. Complete the Trials of Body and Spirit.
    • Destroy the Sap Collection Facility.
    • Find the people who embody the Argonian’s spiritual values.
  3. Settle the debate between the scholars and the warriors.
  4. Defeat the Champion.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

While walking the southwest of Coldharbour, you may come across Treeminder Xohaneel, asking you to help her people of Haj Uxith settle a great debate between their scholars and warriors. However, she won’t go into detail before you have proven your worth to each faction by completing the trials of the spirit and body.

Trial of Spirit
Speak to Treeminder Xohaneel to start the Trial of Spirit. When doing the Trial of Spirit, you must talk to three individuals and give them each an amulet that represents the quality they show in what they do. there are three amulets: Courage, Endurance, and Preservation.

  • Give the Amulet of Courage to Teelawei for negotiation between the two factions and the people of Coldharbour.
  • Give the Amulet of Endurance to Desh-Wazei for gathering food to help her people.
  • Give the Amulet of Preservation to Ashgar for maintaining the traditions and customs of their people.

After you have given away the amulets and receive a gem for each trait, run up to the top of the pyramid to find three statues: Life, Time, and the Unknown.

  • Place the Gem of Courage on the Statue of the Unknown.
  • Place the Gem of Endurance on the Statue of Life.
  • Place the Gem of Preservation on the Statue of Time.

Once you have placed all of the Gems, you need to run back down to the first level of the pyramid to talk with Xohaneel. Tell her you have successfully completed the Trial of Spirit.

Trial of Body
Speak to An-Jeen-Sakka to start the Trial of Body. To complete the Trial of Body you must enter a trapdoor at the top of the northern pyramid before passing through several rooms containing Argonian peasants before entering the Daedric Sap Collection Facility. You then need to collect some treated wood and then add some to each of the six marked fires under the vats, which will melt the metal vats that are used to boil the Hist Tree wood.

There is an alternative exit on the west side of the room, which exits outside opposite the wayshrine. Return to An-Jeen-Sakka to complete this trial.

Settling the Dispute
Once both trials have been complete you need to speak again to Treeminder Xohaneel, who will inform you of the details of the two factions dividing their community. The warriors lead by An-Jeen-Sakka wish to keep the Hist alive although in eternal torment by Molag Bal. The scholars lead by the treeminder believe the Hist should be allowed to die ending it’s torment. If you side with the scholars you will have to convince An-Jeen-Sakka to accept your decision either by defeating their champion or by intimidating him. However completed once done you must then destroy the vampiric shard by the Hist Tree. Finally speak again to Treeminder Xohaneel to complete the quest.

This quest provides one of the Light of Meridia regardless of who you side with, but if you side with the warriors, this is never made clear.

After completing this quest, the Argonians’ House in The Hollow City will unlock, and members of whichever faction you supported will be found in and around the building.

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