The Elder Scrolls Online: Coldharbour – Skill Point Quests – Black Garrison

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Black Garrison is the southeastern region of Coldharbour. It contains the Everfull Flagon to the south. The Fist of Stone lies to the northeast while the Hollow City and Shrouded Plain form the border to the east.

You will need to complete the quests in order from 1 – 2; the quest givers are marked on the maps below. Once you have completed Breaking the Shackle in the Black Garrison questing zone, you will be rewarded a skill point.

Black Garrison
1. Vanus Unleashed
2. Breaking the Shackle

Black Garrison Questing Zone

Coldharbour: Black Garrison

1. Vanus Unleashed
Quest Giver: Projection of Vanus Galerion
Location(s): The Black Forge
Reward: Black Forge Blade + 580 Gold
Recommended Level: 47

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to the Projection of Vanus Galerion.
  2. Enter the Black Forge.
  3. Recover Galerion’s stolen health.
  4. Find Galerion’s Stamina.
  5. Go to the Foundry.
  6. Unbind Galerion’s magicka.
  7. Find Galerion’s body.

2. Breaking the Shackle
Quest Giver: Vanus Galerion
Location(s): The Great Shackle, The Mooring, The Hollow City
Reward: Galerion’s Spare Staff + 367 Gold + 1 Skill Point
Recommended Level: 48

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Vanus Galerion.
  2. Find the Great Shackle’s power source.
  3. Reverse the energy flow in the magicka conduits.
  4. Enter the Great Mooring.
  5. Defend Vanus Galerion.
  6. Return to the Hollow City.
  7. Enter the Mages Guild District.
  8. Talk to Vanus Galerion.

Continue to the next Coldharbour skill point questing zone, Fist of Stone.

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