The Elder Scrolls Online: Coldharbour – Skill Point Quests – Fist of Stone

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The Fist of Stone is the northern region of Coldharbour. The Reaver Citadel sits in the center of it, and the crypts of the Orchard lie to the south. To the north is the Endless Stair. The southern border is formed by the Shrouded Plain to the west, the Black Garrison to the east, and the Hollow City to the south.

You will need to complete the quests in order from 1 – 4; the quest givers are marked on the maps below. Once you have completed The Final Assault in the Fist of Stone questing zone, you will be rewarded a skill point.

Fist of Stone
1. Crossing the Chasm
2. The Harvest Heart
3. The Citadel Must Fall
4. The Final Assault

Fist of Stone Questing Zone

Coldharbour: Fist of Stone

1. Crossing the Chasm
Quest Giver: King Laloriaran Dynar
Location(s): The Hollow City, Grunda’s Gatehouse
Reward: Molag Grunda’s Girdle + 367 Gold
Recommended Level: 48

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Cadwell.
  2. Destroy the four focus stones at the Chasm.
  3. Talk to Cadwell, then enter the portal to the Chasm Second Tier.
  4. Close the eastern and western portals.
  5. Talk to Cadwell at the Gatehouse.
  6. Unlock the door.
  7. Defeat the enemies in Grunda’s Gatehouse.
  8. Talk to Vanus Galerion outside.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Speak to King Laloriaran Dynar in the Chapel of Light. Cadwell will be your guide when you lead the attack on the Chasm.

Cadwell is north of the Chapel of Light. He says the army needs to break some focus stones before they can cross the Chasm.

You need to destroy four focus stones. You can talk to Gathwen, if you want. The stones are gray with a red aura around them before they are destroyed.

Cadwell says you need to close two portals. Darien Gautier closes the eastern portal for you, once you kill all the enemies in the area. The same thing happens to the western portal.

Unlocking the Gatehouse
Talk to Cadwell at the Gatehouse. He can’t wait to see Molag Grunda.

Once across the Gatehouse Span, Cadwell remembers you need to start the flywheels. Each flywheel area has a lever behind some enemies. You need to activate the lever to start the flywheel.

Activate the chain next to the door to the Gatehouse, which opens the door.

Enter Grunda’s Gatehouse and kill her pet flesh atronach, then Grunda herself.

Talk to Vanus Galerion outside. He tells you that the army has secured the Chasm and can now move troops from the Hollow City to the front lines.

There is a skyshard to the right of the western portal in the Chasm Second Tier.

2. The Harvest Heart
Quest Giver: Vanus Galerion
Location(s): The Orchard
Reward: Blood-Red Brogans + 372 Gold
Recommended Level: 49

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Vanus Galerion.
  2. Mark the vampire lairs with their blood.
  3. Find the Harvest Heart.
  4. Talk to Virgar the Red.
  5. Defend the ritual sites.
  6. Destroy the binding totems.

3. The Citadel Must Fall
Quest Giver: King Laloriaran Dynar
Location(s): The Reaver Citadel, Reaver Citadel Pyramid
Reward: Bulwark of the Citadel + 604 Gold
Recommended Level: 50

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to King Dynar.
  2. Find a way into the Reaver Citadel.
  3. Locate the ward key and gain access to the Fighters Guild.
  4. Recover the portal stones and activate the Mages Guild portal.
  5. Enter the Citadel Pyramid and defeat Valkynaz Seris.
  6. Talk to Vanus Galerion.

4. The Final Assault
Quest Giver: Vanus Galerion
Location(s): The Endless Stair
Reward: Ayleid’s Wrath + 604 Gold + 1 Skill Point
Recommended Level: 50

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Gabrielle Benele and Hahnin.
  2. Choose either Cadwell, Darien Gautier, Skordo the Knife or Tzik’nith to accompany you.
  3. Talk to King Laloriaran Dynar.
  4. Close the reinforcement portal.
  5. Talk to Vanus Galerion then enter the Labyrinth.
  6. Make your way through the Labyrinth.
  7. Talk to Vanus Galerion.
  8. Find the Planar Vortex Portal, talk to the Groundskeeper, then enter the portal.
  9. Destroy the remaining Dark Anchors.
  10. Confront the Council of Molag Bal.
  11. Defeat Molag Bal’s minions, then activate the Light.
  12. Talk to Meridia and then King Dynar.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Talk to Vanus Galerion near the Endless Stair wayshrine. You need to open the Labyrinth before the entire army enters. You need to speak to Hahnin and Gabrielle to learn about the Guilds’ strike teams following you.

Gabrielle Benele is to the west. She says you will need to close Molag Bal’s reinforcement portal before you open the Labyrinth.

Hahnin, who is to the east, allows you to choose a companion if you want. However, you cannot choose Hahnin. You can choose Cadwell, Darien Gautier, Skordo the Knife or Tzik’nith.

Talk to King Laloriaran Dynar once you have chosen your companion. He will give a speech, mentioning your companion and your tasks.

The Reinforcement Portal
Inside the Endless Stair, you first need to close the reinforcement portal. Talk to Angof on the way to the portal. He gives you a seed which you can use on the bodies of dead Dremora to turn them into a helpful zombie. You can use the seed multiple times.

Once you get to the reinforcement portal area, you need to kill the Guardian of the Gate to be able to close the portal.

The Library Gate
As you approach the Labyrinth, Vanus Galerion will appear. Gabrielle and her mages will accompany you in the Labyrinth. Talk to her inside the Labyrinth. You need to find some way to open the library gate.

Talk to Malkur Valos. He says the tubes on the walls are daedric devices that need power to operate. You need to figure out how to move the blue flames over to the openings of the tubes.
Talk to Raynor Vanos. He says touching the braziers will allow you to move the flame.

Touch the brazier, then use the daedric flame. The Cold Fire Brazier option will appear when you look at the openings on the walls. Once all four pipes are lit, you will be able to enter the next area.

The Dark Chamber
Cross the bridge, and enter the dark chamber, an area so dark you can barely see. Go to the right of Zur, the Khajiit with the light, and make your way to the next area.

The Statue Room
Cross the bridge, then enter the statue room. Stay close to Gabrielle, and cross to the other side of the statue room. She feels like something bad will happen, and the statues start to attack both of you.

Gabrielle leads you to the southwest. There is a door to the Endless Stair, but it is shut with magic. Gabrielle will open the door, but you need to protect her.

Unfortunately, the door shuts behind you and Gabrielle. The others are trapped for now. Vanus Galerion sends you to the Planar Vortex Portal.

Defeat the enemies in your way, then talk to the Gatekeeper who appears before the portal. She says you need to enter the Planar Vortex, destroy the Dark Anchors and unleash the power of the Light of Meridia at the focal point of the Planemeld.

The Planar Vortex
You enter the Planar Vortex portal and see a Dark Anchor. The Groundskeeper turns into Meridia and destroys it.

She lets you talk to your allies, then you let her know you are ready and you destroy the two remaining Dark Anchors.

You destroy Molag Bal’s Council (Clorsatari, Kehothar and Verkynvayl) one by one as they discuss what to do about the Light of Meridia. Molag Bal appears behind them, but Meridia and your allies also appear. Meridia shields your group, and you fight off Molag Bal’s minions and activate the Light of Meridia.

A Pocket of Oblivion
You awaken back in the Hollow City, Meridia’s pocket realm of Oblivion. Your friends who helped fight the final battle are alive, but the Ayleid King Laloriaran Dynar was gravely wounded.

With his dying breath, King Dynar gives you Ayleid’s Wrath, a two-handed sword, as a gift from his people.

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