The Elder Scrolls Online: Coldharbour – The Vile Laboratory

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Many Tamrielic structures in Coldharbour appear to have been stolen directly from Nirn. But the Daedra, though not creative, are great imitators, so some locations may merely be uncannily exact replicas.

The Vile Laboratory is a Dwemer ruin in southern Coldharbour, southeast of the Hollow City.

The Vile Laboratory
The Soul-Meld Mage

The Vile Laboratory

Coldharbour: The Vile Laboratory

The Soul-Meld Mage
Quest Giver: Gadris
Location(s): The Vile Laboratory
Reward: Soul-Meld Staff + 572 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Gadris.
  2. Talk to Zur.
  3. Collect Zur’s notes and tincture.
  4. Enter the laboratory.
  5. Squeeze through the rubble and find Gadris’ notes.
  6. Gather the items and catalyst, and forge the antipodal rods.
  7. Meet Gadris at the Overseer’s Atelier.
  8. Find the power crystal.
  9. Activate the machine.
  10. Take the Light of Meridia and leave the laboratory.

After completing this quest, the Dark Alchemy Lab in The Hollow City will unlock, and Gadris or Zur will be found living there.

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