The Elder Scrolls Online: Coldharbour – Tower of Lies

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The Tower of Lies is a mine in central Coldharbour, northwest of the Hollow City.

Tower of Lies
Truth, Lies, and Prisoners

Tower of Lies

Coldharbour: Tower of Lies

Truth, Lies, and Prisoners
Quest Giver: Gwilir or Skordo the Knife
Location(s): Tower of Lies
Reward: Skordo’s Stalwart + 556 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Jump into the pit.
  2. Talk to Skordo the Knife.
  3. Rescue the Fighters Guild members.
  4. Meet Skordo at the Overseer’s chamber.
  5. Find the passage to the next level.
  6. Locate Captain Eilram and recover his sword.
  7. Locate Captain Arakh and recover her helm.
  8. Talk to Lyranth.
  9. Kill Ifriz the Unraveler.
  10. Talk to Captain Arakh.
  11. Take the Light of Meridia.
  12. Talk to Skordo.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

A Long Drop
To the northwest of The Hollow City, you’ll find a structure on the edge of a large pit. A Bosmer named Gwilir will be there, having second thoughts about jumping down and rescuing his comrades from the Fighters Guild. He will ask for your help. You’ll need to jump down into the pit. Take a leap, and try and aim for the water, or you can stick close to the wall and jump down a bit at a time to avoid the deadly drop.

An Escape Plan
At the bottom, you’ll find an Orc named Skordo the Knife, who you might remember from Rivenspire if you are in the Covenant. (If you didn’t talk to Gwilir before jumping down, you can also start the quest by talking to Skordo.) He’ll be impressed that you made the leap, though he’ll call you a fool for doing so. But if you’re there to help (and you better be as there’s no other way out), he’ll appreciate it. He wants you to find three of his compatriots to organize an escape.

There are three other Fighters Guild members to be found on the bottom level. Two of them are guarded by Ogrim, the third is already dead. Once you find all three, look for Skordo again. He’ll be waiting on a ledge outside a doorway. The Overseer, who holds the key, is inside. Go in with Skordo and take him out, then grab the key in the nearby chest and leave.

You’ll meet Skordo and the surviving Guild members outside another door on the other edge of the pit called the Liar’s Passage. Enter and take out the Ogrim as you pass through this cave, which leads to an upper level of the pit.

Meeting the Captains
Once outside, you’ll need to find a Redguard named Captain Eilram. He won’t trust you at first, but will ask you to retrieve his sword. It’s guarded by more Ogrim, but not hard to find. Once you bring it back, he’ll warm up to you.

He then needs you to do a similar favor for his fellow, the Orc Captain Arakh. She won’t trust anyone, even him, so you’ll need to find her helm. It’s guarded by several Watchers. You’ll find it on a hook hung from one of the cranes over the pit. Bring it back to her, and after the confusion wears off, she regains her sanity.

Unexpected Ally
A Dremora named Lyranth will then appear offering aid in exchange for a favor. She wants you to kill the warden of the place, another Dremora named Ifriz the Unraveler. She has disabled the illusion spells that were protecting him before.

Do as she asks, and a passage to a platform high above the pit will open up. Talk to Arakh and Eilram, and they will tell you that there is a Light of Meridia on this platform. Grab it, and they will open a portal, through which you and the other inmates can escape.

Once you do, talk to Skordo again to receive your reward: a shield called Skordo’s Stalwart, and 556 Gold.

Be sure to grab the Skyshard while you’re down in the pit. It’s just to your left after you jump down the waterfall. If you miss it and try to come back for it (or any other reason) later, you’ll find there’s no easy way back out, as the portal you initially escape from is no longer interactable. You can still escape by paying to go to a wayshrine, or teleporting to a group- or guild-mate, entering a Cyrodiil campaign or joining a Dungeon group, etc. Just don’t try using the “/stuck” command or dying and choosing to respawn at a wayshrine – either of these will just put you back at the bottom of the pit.

After completing this quest, Skordo, Sinfay, and Vikord will all be found in or around the Fighters Guild in The Hollow City. However, the gate to the guildhall is not opened by this quest. You can still get in by climbing over the rock formations outside the city’s east gate, though.

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