The Elder Scrolls Online: Daggerfall Covenant Quests – Blood and the Crescent Moon

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Daggerfall Quests
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Daggerfall is the largest city in Glenumbra, located at the southwestern end of the peninsula.

The city is split into four districts. South of the river lies the Trade District, which houses marketplaces and trade stalls. North of the river, the Castle Town contains the city stables, Fighters and Mages Guild halls, the Daggerfall Mill, an inn, and a number of private residences. In the northwest lies the Harbor District, where those wishing to visit Stros M’Kai or Betnikh can arrange transport with Gilzir, and Veteran characters can take a ship to Vulkhel Guard or Davon’s Watch. To the west sits Castle Daggerfall, home of King Casimir. South of the city lies another dock, where the Spearhead can be found.

Glenumbra: Daggerfall

#1. Blood and the Crescent Moon
Zone: Glenumbra
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Objective: Daggerfall — Unravel the mystery of Daggerfall.
Quest Giver: Giblets in Daggerfall Trade District
Location(s): Daggerfall
Previous Quest: On to Glenumbra
Next Quest: Bloodthorn Assassins
Reward: 73 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Giblets the dog.
  2. ollow Giblets to the river.
  3. Talk to the merchants in the Daggerfall Marketplace and at the Tradesman’s Square.
  4. Report to Captain Aresin.
  5. Meet Grenna gra-Kush at the Rosy Lion.
  6. Investigate the inn and the manor.
  7. Return to Captain Aresin.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

While going through Daggerfall you will probably come across a dog named Giblets. Interact with him and he’ll want you to follow him. Giblets leads you to a dead body lying in the water with a note near him. Alternatively, the note can be found without involving Giblets; see the section below.

Once you read the note you’ll get attacked by a Bloodthorn Assassin; kill him. Now head west to the Daggerfall Marketplace and talk to the grocer, Christoph Lamont. Ask him about three blood oranges and he’ll tell you it’s a phrase used by the King’s intelligence network. Now talk to the florist, Diane Guissant, who is in the same area as Christoph. Finally go southeast to the Tradesman’s Square and talk to the tailor, Kareem Winvale, inside Winvale’s Winsome Loom. He tells you to talk to Captain Aresin by the great stairs behind the Mages Guild. Leave the shop and follow the path west of the shop over the bridge then turn north and continue all the way to the Captain. Speak with him and tell him about Roy (the dead man). He tells you to talk to Grenna gra-Kush at the Rosy Lion Inn.

Go north down the stairs and head for the inn. Inside, go to the fireplace and talk to Grenna. She says one of the Bloodthorn is upstairs and maybe you can get him to talk. Go upstairs and confront Leveque. When you get close a cultist attacks; kill him and talk to Leveque. He tells you Martine Lerineaux hired him and that Martine lives in the big house next to the inn. Go downstairs and talk to Grenna near the fireplace again. She tells you to get into Lerineaux Manor and take anything you find to Aresin. Leave the inn and go northeast to find the entrance to his manor. Enter the manor; the ground floor doesn’t have much besides containers with provisioning items and style materials, so, head upstairs. Go to the end of the hall and kill the enemies. At the end of the hall in the room on your right you’ll find Martine ready to fight. Defeat him and then grab the note on the table. Bring the evidence to Captain Aresin to get your reward and start the next quest.

Alternative start
Without interacting with Giblets you can stumble upon the corpse in the river. Examine the body. An interaction window pops up:

– This Breton hasn’t been dead very long. His body is still warm. –
– Examine the corpse. –
– This Breton corpse has knife wounds on its back and sides. A viscous green ichor cakes the edges of the wounds. –
– Continue examining the body. –
– The man’s valuables have been taken, but a scrap of parchment remains. It appears to be a note. –
– Examine the note. –

This will initiate the Daggerfall objective and the quest.

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