The Elder Scrolls Online: Daggerfall Covenant Quests – Carzog’s Demise

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Betnikh Quests
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Carzog’s Demise is an Ayleid ruin in the northeast of Betnikh.

You will first enter the ruins in a vision of the past, when the spirit of King Renwic opens a portal at Grimfield. In the vision, Carzog’s Demise is filled with Orcish invaders and captured Breton nobility.

You will need to gain access to the ruins again during the conclusion of the Betnikh quest chain. The ruins are filled with Bloodthorn Cultists.

Betnikh: Stonetooth Fortress

Betnikh: Carzog's Demise

#3. Carzog’s Demise
Zone: Betnikh
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Objective: Carzog’s Demise
Quest Giver: Lambur at Stonetooth Fortress
Location(s): Carzog’s Demise
Prerequisite Quest: Into the Hills, Tormented Souls and Unearthing the Past
Previous Quest: The Bloodthorn Plot
Next Quest: On to Glenumbra
Reward: Tazgol’s Ancestral Axe of the Trainee + 196 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Activate the doorway crystals to enter Carzog’s Demise.
  2. Reach the Inner Sanctuary.
  3. Recover the Ayleid Relic.
  4. Return to Stonetooth and talk to Chief Tazgol.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Gaining Entrance
After you finish the last of the three previous quests Nicolene will approach you and tell you to talk to Lambur back at Stonetooth Fortress. Go there now and speak with her and she’ll tell you how you guys need to catch up to Chief Tazgol near Carzog’s Demise. Head north out of the fortress and cross the wooden bridge then turn east and go down the hill toward the ruins. At the ruins watch the scene and then talk to Neramo. He’ll tell you the crystals near the door are activated by Welkynd stones he’ll take one you get the other two. Go northeast across the stone bridge, turn east on the other side and go up the steep hill then run forward and activate the stone. Next talk to the Ayleid spirit lead him to the ruin entrance northeast of him and he’ll help open it. Now from where you’re at go west to the other stone and activate it as well. Talk to this spirit and lead him to the door as well.

Inside Carzog
Go through the door into Carzog. Go down the steps and follow the path until you come to Crafty Lerisa speak with her and she’ll give you an outfit to help fool the guards. Now go down the stairs to the east and it’ll open into a large room filled with cultists either fight them or ignore them, but leave the room through the hall on the opposite end of the room from where you came in. Continue down the hall fighting through the enemies and take either path to the hallway. Go down the hall and take the stairs up, at the top speak with Master Kasan. Now go through the door next to him and you’ll see Jakarn if you recruited him. He shows you a shortcut. If you want you can take the hall next to the one he goes down, but it’s just a long way to the same room. Run down the hall and turn left and continue if Jakarn is with you he will leave. Follow the path killing cultists as you go until you reach a door. Open the door and talk to Neramo. Now activate the Welkynd stone and kill Vardan on the other side. After you kill him go and activate the Ayleid relic. Now talk to Lambur and Captain Kaleen and then examine the relic. Choose to either take the Relic or destroy the Relic:

Lambur: “It must be destroyed! Did you not see how many orcs were killed?”
Captain Kaleen: “That’s the Bloodcultist. In the right hands, we can use it to defend the covenant from invaders!”
Lambur: “I will not have such a device put in anyone’s hands! It must be destroyed!”

People who support taking the Relic

  • Kaleen wants to give the Relic to the Covenant, so that it can win the war.
  • Nicolene’s reason is because her brothers are Covenant soldiers, and she believes that they and many others will be killed unless the Covenant is given the Relic to ward off attacks by the other two alliances.
  • Lerisa’s (if recruited) reason is that King Fahara’jad will see that the Relic ends up in safe hands.

People who support destroying the Relic

  • Lambur has seen what the Relic did to her people and demands that you destroy it once and for all, as she fears that the Redguards and Bretons will use it to reduce the Orcs to slave-soldiers sooner or later.
  • Kasan’s reason is because Kaleen’s allegiance to the Daggerfall Covenant has blinded her to how dangerous the Relic is, and that the Relic is too powerful for anyone to possess.
  • Neramo (if recruited) will demand that you either give the relic to him for study (which is not an option) or destroy it, as he does not want the Covenant to have it.
  • Jakarn’s (if recruited) reason is that with the Relic in Covenant hands, life would be less challenging to him. He’ll also echo the sentiment that the Relic is too dangerous and powerful to be entrusted to anyone.

Whether you take Kaleen’s or Lambur’s side, the other side will hate you, and their dialogue will be decidedly hostile from this point, although some, such as Lerisa, do not feel as strongly about it and will forgive you in time. Others from the Spearhead who weren’t present may also comment on your decision when you return to town. After you’ve made your decision, talk to Chief Tazgol at Stonetooth Fortress for your reward.

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