The Elder Scrolls Online: Daggerfall Covenant Quests – False Accusations

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Koeglin Village Quests
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Koeglin Village is a large town in western Stormhaven, southeast of the pass to Glenumbra.

Glenumbra: Koeglin Village

#2. False Accusations
Zone: Stormhaven
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Objective: Cadwell's Almanac Koeglin Village — Free the knight in the stocks and protect the village.
Quest Giver: Dame Dabienne
Location(s): Koeglin Village
Previous Quest: A Dangerous Dream
Next Quest: To Alcaire Castle
Reward: Unsullied Gauntlets + 169 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Dame Dabienne.
  2. Talk to Constable Pascal.
  3. Locate the missing messenger.
  4. Talk to the Constable.
  5. Investigate the Tava’s Bounty.
  6. Return to the Constable.
  7. Talk to Sabyssa the Blacksmith.
  8. Search the nearby house.
  9. Return to Sabyssa.
  10. Talk to Dame Dabienne.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Arriving in Koeglin Village’s square, you’ll see a woman in knight’s gear in the stocks, being taunted by guards and townsfolk alike as they pass. The lady, Dame Dabienne, will call out to you as you approach, protesting her innocence. Go ahead an speak with her to reveal she thinks she’s the target of a conspiracy. The village was attacked by slavers the night after Dabienne arrived in the village, making then suspicious. However, Dabienne maintains that she is a Knight of the Flame, part of an order dedicated to protecting Bretons, not enslaving them, and are devoted to the royal family. There was supposed to be a messenger from Alcaire Castle running ahead of Dabienne to announce her arrival, but the constable claims he never got the message, and thus Dabienne is in the stocks.

Further questioning will reveal there is unrest at Alcaire Castle, which is why Dabienne was sent in the first place. All kinds of nasty rumors are circulating, but for now your quest is to talk to the man who put Dabienne in the stocks.

Constable Pascal is down by the docks to the south of the square. Talk to him, and he will say he thinks Dabienne is an impostor, disguised as a knight to fool the townspeople. To make matters more complicated, the messenger from the castle that was supposed to announce Dabienne’s arrival was captured by the slavers in the attack! The slavers were routed to the warehouse by the guard, and the messenger got captured and barricaded in there with them. If he isn’t dead already, of course, as the constable adds. You won’t get any help from the guards on this one, either.

Head east to the warehouse, then loop around to the upper level, where a barricade of crates and boxes blocks the slavers, Dunmer in a band called Ember-Eye, from escaping. Jump over and pass the first building’s door, then slay the two enemies on the top floor of the northern building. Head downstairs to find Messenger Cordier tied up.

He’s rather ungrateful for his rescue, but after a bit of threatening on your part, he’ll reveal his message for the constable. Dabienne is, in fact, a Knight of the Flame. Cordier just didn’t get a chance to talk to the constable before the slavers showed up.

Release Cordier and head back to the constable, taking the convenient one-way door nearby. When you get back, though, Constable Pascal is still unwilling to release Dabienne, citing “too many coincidences”. His attention is focused on a ship in the harbor, where slavers have hidden themselves belowdecks. The captain of the ship asked for help from the guard clearing them out, but Pascal fears a trap and is threatening to sink the ship unless it leaves. Once again, it’s up to you.

Go talk to Captain Currod aboard the big ship. He is upset, but can offer you some proof of his innocence: his ledger. Unfortunately, it’s belowdecks with the slavers. He will give you permission to unseal the hatch and go into the belly of the ship.

The hatch is near the mast. Open it up and head past several enemies to the northern end of the ship, where the Tava’s Bounty Ledger sits on a desk. Head back to the constable now. He still won’t release Gabienne, claiming he saw the conspiracy in a dream. He will point you to a new lead, though: the blacksmith is also in on it, according to his dream.

The constable is beginning to suspect you, too, and wants you to leave town. However, there’s something strange going on here, so go chase that lead. Sabyssa the Blacksmith lives near the town square. Talk to her inside her shop. She’s refusing to craft weapons for what she calls a “witch hunt”, which is part of the reason the constable is coming to arrest her. Sabyssa is disturbed by the warning you give: she was once Pascal’s friend and lover, but he broke it off without a warning a month or so into the relationship. When you mention his dreams, Sabyssa will say she saw a Supernal Dreamer — part of a cult that worships some Daedric Prince, Sabyssa says — leaving Pascal’s house at one point. You should now go search the house.

The Constable’s House is next door to Sabyssa’s. Go upstairs in the house, and a Dremora Churl will emerge from a burst of magical flames and attack you, yelling that the constable’s dreams belong to it. Search the bed after it is dead to find a Daedric Symbol. After it is removed, a strange dark aura will come from the bed.

Return to Sabyssa. She will tell you that she talked to the townsfolk and most of them agreed Pascal had been acting strange, even the guards. He may have to be retrained while the whole issue is dealt with, but Sabyssa is as ready as she’ll ever be.

Go outside to find the townsfolk gathered around Pascal, who is now in the stocks where Dame Dabienne was once held. Dabienne herself stands off to the side. She is quite grateful for your help, and will give you the Unsullied Gauntlets and 169 Gold as a reward. Continue talking to her to continue the quest chain with To Alcaire Castle.

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