The Elder Scrolls Online: Daggerfall Covenant Quests – Into the Hills

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Betnikh Quests
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The Carved Hills are a sparsely wooded area in the southeast of Betnikh.

Betnikh: Stonetooth Fortress

Betnikh: Bloodthorn Lair

#2. Into the Hills
Zone: Betnikh
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Objective: Carved Hills — Discover the purpose of the Bloodthorn Cult’s rituals.
Quest Giver: Grodagur, Laganakh near Stonetooth Fortress
Location(s): Carved Hills, Bloodthorn Lair
Previous Quest: The Bloodthorn Plot
Next Quest: Carzog’s Demise
Concurrent Quest: Tormented Souls and Unearthing the Past
Reward: Bloodthorn Dagger of the Trainee + 122 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Laganakh.
  2. Find and activate the vision totem.
  3. Locate the Ayleid site.
  4. Investigate the Bloodthorn Lair.
  5. Return to Laganakh.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Investigating The Bloodthorn
Talk to Laganakh at the giant structure southwest of the Stonetooth Wayshrine. She asks you to go to the totem by the bridge to the south. Go southeast from Laganakh until you come to a stick with skulls on it activate it. Now turn east and cross the stone bridge continue into the area near some ruins and watch the scene. Go southwest past some wolves until you come to more ruins near the Carved Hills Wayshrine and watch another scene. If you recruited Jakarn in Stros M’Kai he’ll show up and help you. Go southeast until you come to some water go through the cave in the east wall. Inside open the door into the Bloodthorn Lair. Cross the wooden walkway and go further into the cave watch out for enemies as you go. At the end of the cave passage cross another wooden walkway and continue further. At a T-intersection the path on the right leads nowhere so go left down the path. You’ll come out in a big cave section listen to Vardan. Leave the lair via the passage in the north wall right before the door if you have Jakarn he will leave. Outside jump down the rocks until you reach the water then swim to land. Talk to Laganakh for your reward.

  • If you recruited Jakarn he will help you on this quest. Mercenaries will take his place for other players in the area.
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