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The Elder Scrolls Online: Daggerfall Covenant Quests – Ripple Effect

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Glenumbra Moors Quests
Ripple EffectA Step Back in TimeThe Nameless SoldierRetaking Camlorn

Glenumbra Moors is a battlefield in central Glenumbra, and the location of the ancient Battle of Glenumbra Moors. The Mages Guild is researching the battlefield to try and locate any information on how to defeat the werewolf Faolchu.

Glenumbra: Glenumbra Moors

#17. Ripple Effect
Zone: Glenumbra
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Objective: Glenumbra Moors — Discover the secret of Faolchu’s weakness.
Quest Giver: Conjurer Grahla
Location(s): Glenumbra Moors
Previous Quest: The Glenumbra Moors
Next Quest: A Step Back in Time
Reward: 130 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Collect the Alessian weapons.
  2. Talk to Sarvith Yunlin.
  3. Locate the ripples in time.
  4. Enter the crypt.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

As you continue down the dialogue tree from the end of the previous quest, Conjuror Grahla gives you the new one. She asks you to collect the blades of the Alessian generals, to the west. All three are with their spectral soldiers, giving orders. Each has a line they say when the player approaches.

General Lauran: No Direnni shall pass this gate! Do you understand me?
General Elaric: They think they have the advantage, do they? Ha! Just wait until their plan crumbles around them!
General Railon: Make sure these orders circulate among the troops. They need to be prepared for what’s to come.

The first one you will encounter is General Luaran, at the gates of the camp. She has two men with her. General Elaric is just inside, at his camp. He has one man, but fighting him will likely agro the other Alessian specters in the camp. There is a Skyshard deeper in the camp. General Railon is just beyond it, with one soldier.

Collect the Ancient Blades from each of them and return to Sarvith Lunlin at the Mages Guild camp, where he is arguing with another mage. Bhagrun Gro-Dunk doesn’t believe that the stories of Faolchu are entirely truthful.

Sarvith: It’s true! Faolchu was as big as a tree, with claws like greatswords!
Bhagrun: Yes, yes. And he breathed fire and ate warriors, armor and all. I’ve heard it all before.
Speak to Sarvith.
Sarvith: Bhagrun here claimed that the threat Faolchu poses has been greatly exaggerated. Poor fool wouldn’t know a moth from a mammoth.
Player: Grahla asked me to bring you these things.
Sarvith: Ah, the focus objects! These will do very nicely. Let me just, uhh… hmm. I don’t think that was supposed to come off. Well, these swords are pretty beat up. I’m sure we’ll still have plenty of material for the ritual, though.
Player: What do you hope to accomplish?
Sarvith: Of course. We’ll be using the amalgamated essence of the past. focused with these ancient weapons, to open a sort of window Into history. Follow me.
Give Sarvith the blades, and he and Bhagrun will leave the tent, arguing all the while.
Sarvith: Now we may finally learn how Faolchu was defeated.
Bhagrun: And maybe we’ll find out how tall the horker really was.
They’ll perform the ritual. There will be a flash of blue light, the mages will be blown back, and a woman will briefly appear, begging to be heard: “Listen to me! You must listen!” Talk to Sarvith, who is nursing his arm.
Sarvith: Julianos’s little teapot! We did it! I think.
Player: Was that supposed to happen?
Sarvith: The spell worked better than I anticipated. We didn’t just create a window into the past—we opened a door. The very air ripples with temporal disturbance. Somewhere nearby, a door into history stands open. All we need to do is step through it.
Player: Who was that woman who appeared?
Sarvith: A fragment from the past, I think. Something that was pulled forward with the spell. Let’s hope that was all we pulled forward.
Player: So how does this help us learn about Faolchu?
Sarvith: Someone brave and rash enough has to actually step through the door we opened. I’m too valuable to get lost In the past. And Bhagrun would probably change history with all his usual bumbling about. Ask Grahla what she thinks we should do.

Grahla has this to say:

Grahla: We heard a scream. And then ripples of magical distortion started to sweep across the battlefield. What happened?
Khajiit: Your mages have opened a door into the past.
Grahla: They were supposed to cast a simple divination spell, nothing more. Sarvith wasn’t supposed to open any doorways.
Khajiit: Sarvith thinks we can go back in time to learn about Faolchu’s death.
Grahla: I don’t like this. Time magic shouldn’t be meddled with. But what’s done is done. Maybe one of those ripples has the answers we seek.
Khajiit: What should I do?
Grahla: I’m not sure I like it, but this may be the only way to reveal Faolchu’s past. Examine the ripples in the battlefield and see if Sarvith’s doorway is out there somewhere.

Seek out the ripples, four floating purple spheres across the battlefield. As you activate them, the woman from before, Alana Relin, appears again and speaks to you.

“You seek to see into the past. I can guide you.”
“I can show you how Faolchu met his death.”
“If Faolchu has risen, then he must die again.”
“Go to the crypt. I’ll meet you there and show you how to discover the secret you seek.”

The crypt is to the south. Ignore the marker, as it doesn’t register the entrance to the crypt and merely points inside. Search the ridge for the entrance directly north of the marker. Inside, Alana explains how you’ll see how to defeat Faolchu: by putting on the armor of the man who did it, and killing the beast yourself. This starts the next quest in the quest line, A Step Back in Time.

  • Alana’s name is not mentioned at any point in this quest. Only the interface names her, until the next quest in the line.
  • Every single container in the long-abandoned Alessian camp is empty in the present.
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