The Elder Scrolls Online: Daggerfall Covenant Quests – The Bloodthorn Plot

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Betnikh Quests
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Stonetooth Fortress is a fort and encampment in the middle of Betnikh.

Betnikh: Stonetooth Fortress

#1. The Bloodthorn Plot
Zone: Betnikh
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Quest Giver: Gruluk gro-Khazun at the Betnikh docks
Location(s): Betnikh, Moriseli
Prerequisite Quest: Tip of the Spearhead
Next Quest: Carzog’s Demise
Concurrent Quest: Into the Hills, Tormented Souls and Unearthing the Past
Reward: 98 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Lambur in Stonetooth Fortress.
  2. Investigate Carved Hills, Moriseli and Grimfield.
  3. Return to Lambur after completing all three locations’ objectives.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Bloodthorn Problems
Talk to Gruluk gro-Khazun and he’ll tell you that Bloodthorn cultists attacked Stonetooth Fortress, but failed and he tells you to talk to Lambur if you want to know more. Lambur is inside the fortress which is northwest of Stonetooth wayshrine, so go there now and talk to her. She tells you that the bloodthorn cult stole a Breton scroll and asks you to talk to Shaman Laganakh about bloodthorn rituals in the Carved Hills. She also says to investigate bloodthorn activity in Moriseli to the north and Grimfield to the west. After you complete all of them go back and talk to Lambur for your reward.

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